Step By Step Shopify Print On Demand Setup Tutorial 2018

Step By Step Shopify Print On Demand Setup Tutorial 2018

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22 thoughts on “Step By Step Shopify Print On Demand Setup Tutorial 2018

  1. TubbyRacer

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  2. Dafna Elia

    Thank You Very Much For a Great Video. In another video of yours, you compare customcat, Teelaunch, and printful.
    1. Are they all American companies, printing and shipping inside the US? What is the delivery times? 2. Is there a difference in the clothing quality between them? 3. And finaly Do you recommend gearlaunch or Customcat and why?

  3. Sunset Macaroons

    I went through the tutorial but had some problems with the Ecom Library. It is not made plain that the membership with Ecom offers no real advantage. I have tried multiple times to contact customer service, and have received nothing back in nearly a week. I am now extremely concerned that this business is down. It is worrisome.

  4. Lisa Linnemann Courtney

    I am in search of an on demand dye sublimation cut and sew company. I DO NOT want Direct to garment (DTG) because there are too many discrepancies with the printing. (white unprinted creases in and around the neck and sleeves and anywhere the fabric wrinkles.)
    I'm finding many places want a minimum of 500-1000 count. I've done extensive research with regards to this subject and cannot find a company that is reasonably priced and prints on decent fabric. I will share with you who I've found:

    Scrappy Apparel
    Grant Kevins
    1 833-SCRAPPY x 700
    They have a minimum run of 50. Not sure of quality.

    No idea where they are located
    They send fabric samples

    They do print dye sub cut and sew samples!! $70/each
    $31.00/shirt for 50 count somewhat expensive

    (818) 351-7181

    11025 Westlake Dr
    Charlotte, North Carolina 28273

    19749 Dearborn St
    Chatsworth, California 91311

    Not sure about these guys.
    Curious about minimums and quality.

    I will be using Contrado for my samples because they are willing to do prototypes.

    If anyone knows about a print on demand dye sub cut and sew company, please share.

    Thank you very much!

  5. Dustin Williams

    Thank you so much for sharing this content. Very informative. My question though is, if I have artwork or a saying that I designed myself, would it be possible to upload it to the site the same way you did the design that you purchased? That'd save on the $20 ticket at least

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