The Secret Trick That DOUBLES My Shopify Sales *Actually Works*

The Secret Trick That DOUBLES My Shopify Sales *Actually Works*

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The Secret Trick That DOUBLES My Shopify Sales *Actually Works*. For more shopify dropshipping, entrepreneur and business content, be sure to subscribe to the channel!

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*Disclaimer* I am not in any way a certified financial advisor, nor do I pretend to be one. Any information or advice I give you on any social media platform is simply my opinion based my own own experience and research. There is no guarantee on anything due to the fact that there are many variables that play a factor in your success. Do your own research, do the work and take everything as an opinion.



24 thoughts on “The Secret Trick That DOUBLES My Shopify Sales *Actually Works*

  1. kfir

    i will obviously do the free way advertising myself that you published using instagram (just following people that like my niche's page and send them a message about my store in case they follow back) but what should I do more (only instagram influancers)?

    And is it that essential to buy a domain (and not using the stock one), i just want to spend this money on advertising….

    Love your vids man! it would be amazing if you will answer!

    much love from Israel!!

  2. bootieoligist

    I'm 24yo i just started my online shop about 50 days ago
    I just like to say i want to punch this dude in face, he's speaking like this ecommerce thing is a walk in the park, it's not guys
    You have to treat this as a business, which means you gotta put in that work, constantly thinking about how to make your customer happy, because that happy customer can open so many doors you can't even imagine
    Edit:you don't need any course, simply go to Facebook groups and ask questions, learn and apply my friend

  3. Arel Felser

    Can you make an updated video on how to fix your banned fb ad account? The one currently on your channel has mostly to do with traveling but I am not traveling so it doesnt really apply to me. I contacted fb and they said I violated fb’s terms of service? I really dont know how or what i did, and im having the toughest time resolving this. So yea if possible please put out a video on this!❤️

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