The Steps I Would Take If I Started From $0 On Shopify With A Low Budget

The Steps I Would Take If I Started From $0 On Shopify With A Low Budget

In this video I talk about the step by step strategy I would use if I started from zero (with a low budget).

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30 thoughts on “The Steps I Would Take If I Started From $0 On Shopify With A Low Budget

  1. Andrew Backenstoe

    helpful video , one thing I found interesting in this video is what you said at 13:07, I was under the impression that I wouldn't need additional capital for order fulfillment because the customers purchase (which was converted through a facebook adset lasting one week at $5/day, $35 total) covers the entire order plus shipping? True it would be wise to have some back-up capital for refunds, return orders, etc… but not first time order fulfillment. Regardless awesome content.

  2. Oksana Vitruk

    Hi Arie, would you help me to find your video with more detailed explanation why it is important to copy ads in adsets? I'm trying to learn about this point but "can't connect the dots". Do you make any changes to those copied ads? If no, how they work?

  3. ZerpZilla

    Ive been binge watching your videos, great stuff. Curious as to how you handle customer service over the phone? I have alot of down time at my current work and would like to start this. Is it crucial to have a phone support or will emails suffice? Thanks again for all your tips.

  4. Ellie Stoyanova

    Arie, if you get asked for refund, do you refund straight away or do they have to send the item back? What if it is an expensive thing? How do you handle refunds? And also if you can make videos about order fulfillment, dealing with the sellers from Ali Express and also about shipping the items-do the sellers put your price as an invoice and your store name? It would be great if there is a video about these things, as I am confused how people handle it

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