vlog 002 – Shopify theme seleciton and photo workflow

vlog 002 – Shopify theme seleciton and photo workflow

vlog 002 – Shopify theme seleciton and photo workflow

Talking about one of my favorite shopify themes and my simple process to optimize some of my product photos for the site

Free amazon Marketing group: Unstoppable FBA –

How to get on my calendar for some 1 on 1 time:

Some of the Tools and services I use:
-World Class ad creative service – Jeff Minnichbach:

– World class copywriting service – Adzombies:

– My fav. Amazon tool – use the code UNSTOPPABLE10 for 10% off their monthly or yearly plan



12 thoughts on “vlog 002 – Shopify theme seleciton and photo workflow

  1. San Pawar

    Hi, I saw you on Samer Brax video talking about shopify and amzon. Great content!! I have a question from it. You talked about customers not buying the first time from your shopify store so you send them ads directing them to Amazon. How do you do that? PS I have just subscribed 😊

  2. dvkrew

    Hey Steven, great vid & thanks for the consistently helpful content. When you create a FB Group like you mentioned do you do a general group or brand specific? eg. for bike tires product – biking lovers or [brand name] bike products

  3. Min Chang

    Hi Steven thanks for sharing your journey! Just a quick question in regards to what you've mentioned about the number of products you will be starting off.

    You mentioned you will be launching with 70 products? Will they be dropshipped from Aliexpress? another source? private label?

    Looking forward to the next one!

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