Webinar: Beginner's Guide to Weebly

Webinar: Beginner's Guide to Weebly

Live webcast from 12/6/16. Q&A starts at 50:00.



33 thoughts on “Webinar: Beginner's Guide to Weebly

  1. pinkman

    you did a wonderful job, you need better audio control maybe, a lot of rubbing sounds and scratching noises, as far as the bugs, can they be corrected with out much hassle or do you have to start all over again

  2. Ron T

    I’ve paid $300 a year ago and I’m struggling if I should pay again to get nothing done for another year! The Beginners Guide Tutorial is piece of shit because there’s no way seeing where the mouse is moving for instance. I found a couple weebly tutorial by non weebly personal of much better quality but just not comprehensive enough. Can you guys ask for someone else to make a meaningful tutorial please!? The lady can go party and not continue to drive paid customers crazy! Tried to call CS which I paid for but always busy signals. Frustrating!!!

  3. Mark Angel

    absolutely horrible… and very unprofessional. i can't believe weebly approved this video?! in the future you might want to prepare yourself when commenting or speaking. all the "uh" and "um" and "silent pauses" in general really make this a very amateur video. perhaps focus more on SEO next time. i think most people can figure out the platform just fine. SEO is more an issue nowadays, perhaps spending more time on it would do this video less a disservice than what's been done already… just saying.

  4. Claudya R.

    I sign to Weebly some days ago, came for the video, but, after watch for 15 minutes, i am still lost on setup the theme of my site lol! I wanna make a landing page with a download link for people who like my new fan page on FB, & can´t figurate how to do this. Oh my…And, nobody answer people doubt here, how weebly get new costumers this way? Don´t understand.

  5. N.B.H TheNinja

    A couple questions. First, is there a way to clear a template once you choose it? There is so much junk in the templates and its a pain to clear it one element at a time. Also, is there a way to expand the width of the pages bar at the top? Its not very noticeable by default, even when its a black bar with the white text.

  6. Ashta Ashram

    I agree with the group.  The tutorial was not the best. My most frustrating part was trying to hear the audio.  So scratchy and some parts could not be understood.  It must be the owner of Weebly that did this. I can't see how a company would let a staff put up such mediocre at best training.

  7. Jeralo

    I have to agree with the last three commentors. It is terrible. I have used Weebliy for a long time and figured I would check out this video for maybe a tip or two. Waste of time. The presenter was amateurish and disorganized, and even criticizes Weebly. I am a loyal fan of Weebly and I recommend it to many users, especially people new to web development. Weebly shoud do itself a good service, and remove this video from YouTube.

  8. David S.

    If this is an official weebly site, then shame on weebly for creating an uninspired instructional video. Most people who go to weebly have an idea on the kind of site they want to create (ecommerce, gallery, etc). Why not create tutorials geared toward helping people create a certain kind of site? Presenter on this video sounds bored and is doing this on the fly as opposed to running through an agenda of what to cover.

  9. Renita Boo Edmonds

    Hi! Love your video. How do you make the pages show at the top of each page. Such as contact us, shop, home. Like yours. Mine is hidden. I want it to show. Also how do you make the button so if you click on it, it'll go to the next page? Thanks in advance!

  10. Elizabeth Halpen

    I have just signed up w/Weebly and after watching this video am very concerned that I may have made a mistake. Is there a more basic tutorial – one that explains more thoroughly the element functions (left hand side) and the row across the top? Need the basics. Hope to hear from you very soon.

  11. Bruce Darling

    This is a disorganized presentation. It rambles on and on and does not get to the point quickly. You should plan a simple website, showing your viewers how to put one together in the fewest steps possible, and then build step by step on that. It seems that you did not think this through clearly, but pulled elements of your site together in random fashion.

  12. Ella Marie

    what I'm finding infuriating is the amount of bugs that this has. Lots of things trying to do here I can't becuase of the bugs. Can't change colours of the fonts or themes….the bar with the bold, italics etc, NEVER POPS up. This portal is not that user friendly . Rep told me to erase everything on the template and start from scratch, YOU CAN ERASE almost everything other things NO you cannot. I am not liking this service at all. not even 3 hours in and I'm cancelling tomorrow first thing. So disappointed. Even in her tutorial she's like 'O no, it didn't save, thats annoying well nothign is perfect" um NO not acceptable to put so many hours into something and I CANNOT SAVE properly. forget this Sh!t— wix sucks too but at least their portal is much more friendly.

  13. phdt12

    I feel like an asshole for buying into Weebly for my website. Now I'm stuck with it for two years and out over $400. Imagine the frustration I am having, if the tutorial is full of bugs try it at home. Worst.

  14. Mihai Popa

    What's with the continuous scratching sound and bored voice? You can make a video whichever way you want if it's your personal channel, but Weebly, uploading such a video does very little service to your image. The contents here are indeed useful, but the presentation itself is very frustrating. I bet your content producer knows and is very good at her job, but in this video she's doesn't seem to be quite good at introducing features. I still love your platform.

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