Why 99% of Shopify Stores Are Losing Money! (FIX THIS NOW)

Why 99% of Shopify Stores Are Losing Money! (FIX THIS NOW)

If you want to make money online with Shopify then watch this now! You would be losing money if you don’t fix this!
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In this video, I take you through why your Shopify store is slow and how you can fix it. This is one of the main reasons people lose month with their Shopify store. It’s easy to fix these issues so thats the good news! You will be making more money from your Shopify store in no time!

So, if you want to know how to make money online with shopify then fix your dropshipping store speed now!

I hope these dropshipping tips and tricks helped you!



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21 thoughts on “Why 99% of Shopify Stores Are Losing Money! (FIX THIS NOW)

  1. Nicolas Salgado

    Once again thanks Franklin!!! I feel you are one of the few entrepreneurs that I am able to trust these days. Thanks to you I am taking massive action. I just started my channel a couple of weeks ago, I would appreciate if anybody could support me on my journey as an entrepreneur subbing to my channel 🙂

  2. Chad Tosh

    Hey Frank. I have your training videos on E-com and Affiliate Marketing.I have limited funds ($250) to get started. Which one do you think I can get the best and quickest bang for the my bucks? Whatever input you can give is appreciated.

  3. The Happy Flirt

    For your Ecom training, does it have 'Print on 'Demand' application/instruction for Shopify? I'm thinking about getting your Ecom course. The second question, does POD apps slow down your Shopify store upload? Some YouTube videos teach to have 2-3 POD apps on your store.

  4. Amani Ameer

    Hi Frank, Im just a beginner of dropshipping. I have your ecom elites and ecom turbo both within my hands. But still i have a few question. Should i compress all my images even if i have ecom turbo? Do i have contactflow free in your theme? How setup the newsletters? Thanks

  5. Jack O'Neil

    Thanks for the tips Franklin. As someone who's looking to move from selling hard goods on eBay and Amazon to dropshipping and who has done web development in the past and is familiar with many "Rope-A-Dope" sales/marketing scams, and seeing the plethora of pitchmen claiming riches beyond belief with little to no investment and work, and your channel seeming to be more realistic and practical, I would like to ask for your honest opinion on what I should expect to after one of your courses in terms of time and money required to get to a positive cash flow and income level that's better than an average living wage and job?




    Hey Frank. Do you know if any software, apps, or extensions where you can create a sales listing and it will post to multiple selling platforms? It would be amazing to post to ebay, poshmark, offerup, craigslist, letgo, etc with just one click!!!
    Thank you

  7. Kindredly

    How come my web page speed on desktop is 1.85 seconds, but on mobile its almost 14 seconds. I use the shoptimized theme. I use an app called Image Optimizer – Image Compression and Optimization to optimize images on my site. Any suggestions would be greaty appreciated!

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