Disrupting an Ancient Industry by Thinking Differently | Real Estate

Disrupting an Ancient Industry by Thinking Differently | Real Estate

Today’s guests are harnessing technology to change the face of a blue collar, brick and mortar business that’s been around for 7,000-plus years: barbering.

Daniel and Chris break down exactly how they opened their first barbershop in the Tampa Bay area and how reinvesting the profits allowed them to open six more in a few short years. They explain why every entrepreneur should set aside some funds for “oopsies,” and they offer tips on projecting expenses, choosing a location, hiring a team, and conjuring up creative ways to get customers in the door—guidance that applies to each and every business.

So, can a barbering business really scale?

Their’s does! And it’s because they launched a line of barbering products, including razors, shears, air compressors, and wireless charging mats. So if you’ve ever considered direct-to-consumer sales, you’ll want to listen for their advice on doing business overseas (hint: hire a consultant!) and growing sales online.

Also, Chris reflects on building a massive YouTube following and explains how providing free education to his 250,000 subscribers helped build his company’s brand and attract high-caliber talent.

If you want to change your industry by taking a fresh approach, this episode will leave you inspired and ready to take action today. Download this one now, and subscribe so you won’t miss the next one!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How providing free education can bring a high ROI
  • How their product line began in their kitchen mixing shave gel
  • What is a gig economy
  • Tips for traveling to China to meet manufacturers
  • How they negotiated a sweet leasing deal with their landlord
  • “Gatorade marketing” to local youth sports teams
  • Becoming the community hub
  • And SO much more!

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  • “We have our destination but we have to enjoy the journey as well.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Make some mistakes and then learn from them as long as you’re going north.” (Tweet This!)
  • “It’s about becoming a community hub.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Everything we did was on purpose.” (Tweet This!)

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