Instagram Presence And Why It’s Important For E-commerce (Tips Inside) : ecommerce

Instagram Presence And Why It’s Important For E-commerce (Tips Inside) : ecommerce

Hey Redditors,

(This post is for the typical business owner that doesn’t have time to run an Instagram account 8+ hours a day)

Joe back with another post. Just wanted to drop some knowledge as I’ve been dealing with a bunch of business owners that don’t see a point in keeping up with their social media accounts. I decided to pick Instagram and show you some neat tricks to not only grow your accounts but to actually land clients through them. For those of you that don’t know me, I run a small and successful digital marketing agency.

It’s 2019 and social media is huge. When I normally check out businesses I tend to always look at their social media pages. Majority of them are either outdated or haven’t been touched since creating those pages. This makes me think they aren’t really up to date in today’s world. I had one business owner tell me that it wasn’t affecting his business and although this might be true now eventually it will have a drastic hit on you.

I’ve found clients through Instagram just by keeping up with it. Anyone that doesn’t want more clients and is ok with not growing I completely respect that, but for me, I’m always looking for more clients.

  1. – Now I know some of you are going to give me some hate for this but this is an Instagram bot. It’s probably one of the best investments I’ve ever done when it comes to Instagram. I’ve configured it and I’ll shamefully plug my YT video to show you the settings I use: – Seriously just watch the bot part and you’ll know how to set it up. Now, this bot can target specific niche markets. I was able to find business owners that needed websites and SEO services through it. If you got this far into the post make sure to watch the next 2-5 minutes of the video and I show all the settings I use. This tactic alone has gotten me over 5K followers.

  2. The name on your profile: – This goes for lifestyle coach, business consulting, or any field you’re in. If someone in my area types in “Web Design” I’ll pop up. This is somewhat SEO when it comes to Instagram. These simple changes will affect users checking on your Instagram.

  3. Hashtags: I use an app called: Hashtags on iOS. It grabs the top 10 hashtags used and you can simply copy them. Now where you place the hashtags is also important and makes your profile look cleaner. Don’t post hashtags in your description. Post a comment and then post your hashtags. See an example here:

  4. Emojis on your profile. I actually learned this from doing e-commerce before switching to digital marketing. I actually implemented into my profile still because I loved the idea behind it: – Have emojis – They make your profile stand out and it shows that you are actually taking care of your profile.

  5. – Now I know people frown upon engagement groups but at the end of the day its simply hard work. I’ve used countless engagement groups in the past to grow clients Instagrams before: and no I’ve never gotten banned. Instagram has a lot of better things to do than ban your account.

The methods above were used by me and countless other businesses and grew their accounts. I’ve used these methods for every single client and I’ve never had an issue. I obviously have more but I don’t want to take up all of your time on a post but if you follow the 5 steps above you can at least start growing your account. The #1 tip listed costs $97 and if you can’t afford that no worries you can always use 2-5 to actually help your business grow organically.

I’m sure there are countless other ways to grow your Instagram but these have actually helped the average joe aka me out. What tactics do you use to grow your Instagram?

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