Interview of Nathan, user of a 2019 PrestaShop Addons Awards winning module

Interview of Nathan, user of a 2019 PrestaShop Addons Awards winning module

Following the 2019 PrestaShop Addons Awards, Protect My Shop has been elected as the best module of the “Productivity” category. This one offers a protection for e-shops against thieves and hackers and enables to improve the protection of the stores. 

Nathan, user of Protect My Shop for his store Immersive Display, shares his experience with the module and how this one allowed him to identify and restrict the attacks against his site. 

The shop 

What types of products do you offer? 

Immersive display is specialized in the sale of equipment and Virtual Reality accessories. From the suitcase in order to transport equipment (helmets, laptops, cameras, tripods etc.) to little accessories like silicone protections for joysticks. Our products aim to facilitate the protection, transport, maintenance of virtual reality helmets. For instance, we can compare it to the smartphone accessories market. 

sale of equipment


Do you sell worldwide? 

We sell all around Europe but also worldwide. Export sales represent 60% of our sales, whereas it is 40% in France. There is indeed a strong potential in the international market.

When did you create your shop? 

We exist since 2016. We have known an important growth for the last two years, more precisely 100% each year, and partly thanks to PrestaShop. 
Initially we started with an other solution, finally uncomplete from what we expected. I developed Immersive Display with PrestaShop and I customized it only with Addons modules in order to be safe regarding the security of my shop, without unintentionally buying modules infected by a virus. In comparison with another solution we used before, we had bought there few modules that were infected and our shop had been hacked. This was a really bad experience for us. Since we only buy on PrestaShop, it ensures safety against trouble. 


The module 

Why Protect My Shop

We went through a lot of attacks and speed reductions, and then decided to use Protect My Shop. 80% of our sales are made from the shop, and 20% from cost estimates/orders : we have an absolute necessity on having a strong protection of our site. 

shop protection


What is its daily benefit? 

This module allowed us to see how many times we have been attacked in a day : the result is impressive. Protect My Shop is very useful as we do not have to intervene every day on it, it has a complete autonomy. I go check on it sometimes just out of curiosity to see what were the attacks of the day. 

Did it respond to your expectations?  

Protect My Shop is definitely a reassuring module. It’s important to keep in mind that without it, we could have been hacked, lost control of the shop, this means no sales during four days for example, that could have turned into a disaster. 

Is it loyal to the product sheet ? 

Images are completely faithful and updated, as well as the descriptions. The module is truly easy to use, within everyone’s grasp. It is just about a simple button that permits to activate, or no, the protection. The product sheet matches a 100% to the module itself. The only “drawback”: maybe it does not highlight enough the simplicity of the product. 



Was it easy to install ? 

The installation is very simple: 1 we install it, 2 we configure it in less than five minutes. Actually, there is almost no configuration to make, everything is developed by default, this is really simple. I insist on the autonomy of the module. 

Did you have to use to support ? 

We had recourse to support during the installation because of a little redirection problem concerning the www. We had a XSS attack detected that could have banned us really easily from our site, the clients as myself. Therefore we directly contacted the support from the very beginning. 

Were the exchanges with the module developer satisfying, quick, useful to fix the issue ? 

The contributor answered in few hours. We gave him the accesses and the problem was fixed very quickly. Really effective and satisfying, furthermore with French support which was very practical for us. 

Would you recommend this purchase to other merchants ? 

I am definitely ready to recommend this module to other merchants, even to the smallest commercant who thinks it is useless to protect his shop. Even if one does not have a huge traffic on his website, attacks are made with robots and they don’t pay attention to traffic. You can buy this module with second thoughts. 

Are you ready to buy other modules of the same contributor ?

Indeed, I see myself buying another product of this contributor. Actually when I am interested in a module or I trust the contributor, I visit the contributor page to see the other modules he offers: this can give me some ideas of modules to buy. 

You got it, protecting your shop is fundamental. Transform the insecurity of your shop into safety thanks to Protect My Shop

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