The Bots & The Bees – Digital Assistance for Superior Sales

The Bots & The Bees – Digital Assistance for Superior Sales

“I’m running on fumes right now.” 

“Wow, that customer I called was NOT happy.”

“Ugh, I hate having to log interactions.”

These are a few of the unpleasant thoughts many sellers express on a daily basis. I would know, because they were some of my own thoughts when I was in sales. Your sellers probably think the same, since most days they continue to perform the same processes from punch-in to punch-out like the noble worker bee.

Upper management may brush off complaints like these, but that doesn’t make them any less valid. Times have changed, customer expectations continue to change, and so the nature of how we do sales needs to change. With the rise of AI building up to an explosive overhaul across all industries, early adoption of supplementary applications will be critical to improve a variety of sales aspects.

I recently sat down with Michelle Brusyo, Sr. Manager for Oracle CX Strategy. We explored how providing a little assistance can turn any worker bee into hive royalty.

Q: In terms of Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, and Digital Assistants – can you explain how these technologies differentiate and/or work together?

A: Artificial or Adaptive Intelligence (AI) often refers to a scope of analytics and decisions made by technology that’s beyond the capacity of the human mind. It can also describe a conversational interface to understand and communicate with someone through natural language processing.

AI is the power source that enables Chatbots and Digital Assistants to understand the user’s intent. Knowing a user’s travel profile, personal preferences, meeting schedules, or prioritizing sales accounts are all examples of how AI learns to help provide a personalized experience.

In terms of the difference between Chatbots and Digital Assistants, there is some nuance, but these terms are often used interchangeably. The main difference is that a Chatbot is usually a single-purpose, user-initiated computer program designed to simulate a human conversation. A Digital Assistant however is often multi-purpose, can be bot-initiated, and goes beyond simple conversations. Digital Assistants are powered by AI to make intelligent predictions and recommendations.

Q: So Digital Assistants have a variety of use cases whereas Chatbots are often used for one specific use case, but both are backed by Artificial Intelligence. Can you tell me what the cause is behind the development of these innovative tools?

A: The most important driver is to get things done easier and faster throughout the business. It’s about automating routine tasks – whether simple or complex – to improve productivity and free people up to do the work that matters.

For example, imagine you’re a sales rep who’s still at home getting ready in the morning. You’re thinking about what your day is going to look like. What if you could just pick up your phone, verbally ask it for your ‘Sales Briefing’, and seconds later be scanning through a list of your open tasks, activities and opportunities for the day? Within seconds, you’d have a solid handle on what your day looks like without having to log in to anything or clicking around for information.

That’s the type of automation that starts to simplify a sales rep’s day. As we go deeper on delivering those types of interactions, it starts to really free that rep’s time to shift their focus on the art of selling.

Q: Okay, so it’s all about automation to handle the workload that eats up time. But how do you convince the sales teams to adopt and use the Digital Assistants to support their performance?

A: There are two important concepts needed to ensure Digital Assistants deliver strong business value to the sales organization:

  1. It has to be significantly easier to use than the normal way of doing the tasks it aims to automate. Sales reps don’t have a second to waste on figuring out how to use something new; they’ll only do so if they can see an immediate pay-off. Your Digital Assistant has to be available 24/7, on any device, with nothing to install. Even better, if a sales team has already adopted collaboration tools; make the Digital Assistant an embedded part of that experience so it enhances existing tools vs. introducing new ones.
  2. Digital Assistants will be at their most powerful when they are embedded in the full employee experience, even beyond Sales. With all the data and context gained by creating a bot experience across multiple business areas, the Digital Assistant becomes even smarter and provides better insight and guidance. Imagine a single bot that an employee can interact with to get their daily sales briefing, plan a business trip, and submit expense reports. That is becoming the new, faster and simpler way to get things done, drive adoption, and again, free the sales team to focus on sales activities.

Q: These capabilities could be useful, but they also sound like a real investment. Why would companies want to adopt these tools earlier on?

A: What will your sales teams do with their time once they do no longer have to get out their laptop, log in, run a report, type in an update, etc.?

We talk so much about how sales and customer expectations have changed and how reps need to deliver a different kind of value as a trusted advisor. This may be true, but how do you empower reps to do that? You do it by automating the grunt work and allow them to pursue more important tasks such as catching up on industry news, writing articles, helping a client build a business case for an expansion and so on. This will help them grow as a sales rep, which in turn will help them achieve real results for the company.


See how adding a bit of digital assistance will allow your sales teams to achieve better results, while improving their own individual performance and skill sets? These tools enable sales reps to learn more, do more, and have knowledge readily available, leading to benefits like improved productivity, employee satisfaction, and revenue generation.

Stop buzzing around blindly and learn more about how Oracle may be able to help you build your AI and bot/assistant strategy in the resources below. This is a chance to invest in your own beehive to make the sweetest of all nectars ($$$).

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