Roomate won’t move out! Help : RealEstate

Roomate won’t move out! Help : RealEstate


I’ve been living at this particular house in LA (4Bed/3bath) for about a year as a sublease. Now the original lease holder of the house is ending his lease and there’s a spot open for a sub landlord to take over the lease for the house. So another roomate living at this place longer than 2 years also wants to take the lease. The landlord ran a credit check and decided to give me the lease for the house.

Now the house will be on the lease under my name from next month (1st May,19). I don’t like any of the roommate currently living here and want to do a full purge and bring in fresh ,clean roomates because two people living in the house currently don’t even have a valid US Visa or SSN.

I talked to them and gave them an option to move out end of month or I’d give them an extra month’s time and allow them to live here while they find something.

They’re reluctant to move out and started cursing at me and shit! And I told them if they wanted to live here an extra month, they’d have to sign a month contract which would be higher rent then they currently pay (I had to increase the rent because the landlord has bumped up his prices for the month too) and I said there would be a security deposit (1/2 month rent) just in case they damage the room before leaving out of spite.

-Am I obliged to give them a months notice and maintain the same rent as the previous lease owner set?

  • should I get the main landlord involved in this situation?

  • what are the best possible ways to evict them without drama and damage?

  • should I get the police involved??

Again, none of them are on the lease and my lease begins next month.

Please help me I’m so stressed

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