The missing factor that could 4x your business

The missing factor that could 4x your business

There is a direct correlation between real estate growth and the size of your lead database. Seems like a no-brainer, right? More leads equal more opportunity for success. In fact, we’ve discovered that teams and businesses investing in lead generation efforts experience a compounding growth effect. Over eight years, they typically witness growth in production volume by four times.

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There are many contributing factors to that success, and it certainly isn’t built overnight. We’re talking about optimized business processes, agent accountability, and the daily grind to convert leads. When you look at it all together, it’s a lot of hard work.

Historically, people have turned to technology to make that work easier. But there’s an emerging factor worthy for extra consideration: support services for agents.

Upgrade support to assure success

Technology, like a real estate CRM, definitely has a role in the success of a business. However, getting your team to adopt the technology and build processes around it demands extra support than the traditional training agents receive.

We’ve already highlighted how your lead database impacts your growth and potential for production volume. But now imagine all those leads. An agent has to make the initial engagement with a new lead. Oftentimes, they have to nurture them for up to a year. They have to constantly engage and re-engage with them. And when they become an active “client,” they have to provide exceptional service.

Technology can assist with those tasks, but a supporting service, like RealContact for example, would enable agents to focus on the biggest dollar-productive activities: handling clients. This extra “support” takes care of the lead engagement. It manages the lead nurturing. And when coupled with technology, it accelerates lead conversion. It leads to 4x growth.

Industry disruptors and market shifts are here, but so is a new generation

There’s been plenty of news about the market shift and iBuyer movement. What deserves a special callout is the change in consumer culture. Google and YouTube have coined it as “Gen C.” It’s not an age group. Instead, it’s more of an attitude and mindset shared among a growing number of people. They are looking for deeper connections and a stronger sense of community.

For Gen C, decision-making is a team sport. 85% of the newest type of consumers rely on peer approvals for buying decisions. They are constantly connected online, and engaging them properly is paramount to success. YouTube has reported that 39% of Gen C consumers aren’t opposed to ads when they are relevant. They value great conversations aligned with their own interests. The same applies to real estate. Engaging them, and having the right support to convert them, is key to reaching 4x success.

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