20 Time Management Apps to Produce More & Procrastinate Less

20 Time Management Apps to Produce More & Procrastinate Less

If you’re an entrepreneur, it often feels like 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough to complete all the things you need to do. This is where time management apps come into their own.

Time management apps work wonders for helping you manage your time, input, and ultimately, output better.

Entrepreneurs tend to work for themselves, by themselves and stereotypically struggle with focus, time management, productivity, and deadlines—and, as you’ve probably already experienced for yourself, poor time management comes in many forms!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s deliberate procrastination, genuine distractions, or jobs taking longer than they should—there’s nothing worse than wasting time when you’re already time-poor.

Missing deadlines, stress, and, wasting precious business opportunities are three of the many unfortunate consequences of bad time management. In light of this, we’ve listed and reviewed some of the best time management apps, tools, and resources that help entrepreneurs stay on track.

Let’s dive straight in!

Best Time Management Apps #1: Toggl

Toggl Best Time Management Apps

Toggl is a fabulous app for helping track your time. Period.

It follows how long you’re spending on specific tasks and allows you to enter and manage your projects manually.

Best of all, you can find and monitor your various workloads by organizing them into:

  • Teams
  • Clients
  • Projects
  • Tags

By doing this, you’ll be able to locate and analyze entries within seconds.

You can also add notes into each description box so you can later recall your movements and actions when you then look back at your schedule.

Toggl is also an excellent app if you have a team to manage. From the convenience of one place, you can easily invite each of your workers to specific projects and keep an eye on every team member’s productivity.

You’ll also receive detailed reports on how you (and your team) spend your time. You can choose to review your productivity by week, month, or even year. This should give you a better feel for which projects take the most time, and which team members (if any) struggle to keep up with the pace!

If you’re a paid Toggl user, you’ll also receive detailed insights into how you and your team can better optimize your time—how awesome is that?!

This app is available on:

As such, you can track your time across mobile and desktop devices via apps and internet browser extensions. Plus, you can sync Toggl across all your devices, so it doesn’t matter what you’re using, you’ll always have access to the info you need in real-time.

How Much Will Toggl Set Me Back?

You’ll be pleased to hear that Toggl offers a free version. However, you can upgrade to unlock extra features with one of their three paid-for packages:

  • Starter: $9 per user per month
  • Premium: $18 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Check Out the Toggl Time Management App Here

Best Time Management Apps #2: The Be Focused Timer

BeFocused Time Management App

As its name suggests, the Be Focused Timer is a timer that enables entrepreneurs to track their current workload as well as analyze their previous work history. This app is excellent for managing your tasks, business targets, and maximizing your overall productivity.

How Much Will Be Focused Timer Set Me Back?

This app is entirely free and available on iOS devices and Macs.

Check Out the Be Focused Timer Time Management App Here

Best Time Management Apps # 3: Workflow

Workflow Time Management Tool

Workflow is an outstanding app if you value customizability.

This is how it works: Workflow gradually shaves off the amount of time you spend doing routine tasks by automating the complicated jobs you do on your phone.

You can create shortcuts and new apps using simple drag-and-drop commands—both of which come in handy for performing batches of tasks.

It doesn’t matter whether you want directions from Google Maps for an upcoming conference or you need Dropbox to backup your documents—you can create custom apps to handle these kinds of tasks for you, with just a few simple taps on your screen!

Best of all, Workflow seamlessly integrates with other apps like Facebook, Uber, and YouTube.

How Much Will Workflow Set Me Back?

Workflow doesn’t cost a dime—yes, you read that right, it’s completely free! However, it’s only available on iOS devices, so if you’re an Android user, this isn’t the app for you. It’s also worth noting that Workflow conveniently operates inside iOS apps like Safari and Evernote.

Check Out the Workflow Time Management App Here

Best Time Management Apps #4: Focus Booster

Focus Booster Productivity Tool

Focus Booster utilizes the Pomodoro Technique to track your work. If you’re unsure what the Pomodoro Technique is, it’s a time management method created in the late 80s by Francesco Cirillo. Basically, you use a timer to section your work into time intervals (AKA, Pomodoros), which are then separated by short breaks.

Focus Booster also provides in-depth insight as to how you spend your time. Not to mention, you can even link your revenue to specific Pomodoros, so you can see the financial impact your work has with just a glance!

Focus Booster works with iOS and Android devices and is available as a web app.

How Much Will Focus Booster Set Me Back?

Focus Booster has a free version, known as their Starter Plan. Alternatively, you can upgrade to their Individual Plan at $2.99 per month or their Professional Plan at $4.99 per month—both of which are incredibly reasonable if you’re working within a tight budget!

Check Out the Focus Booster Time Management App Here

Best Time Management Apps #5: Shift

Shift Best Productivity Apps

Shift is a handy desktop tool that empowers you to organize your emails—especially if you have multiple accounts. With a simple click, you can move from one email account to another and stay focused on whatever task you’re working on rather than flitting between projects.

Gone are the days where you had to log out and back in to access the emails you’ve received on different addresses. So, if you’re running numerous projects associated with different email accounts, this is the app for you.

For your convenience, Shift also integrates with apps like Trello, Calendly, and Airbnb.

How Much Will Shift Set Me Back?

Shift’s Basic package is free and available on Mac computers. Alternatively, if you want to access more features, you can upgrade to their Pro plan at $29.99 per year or their Advanced bundle at $99.99 per year.

Check Out the Shift Time Management App Here

Best Time Management Apps #6: Kiwake Alarm Clock

Kiwake Productivity Tool

As you’ve probably guessed, the Kiwake Alarm Clock works as an alarm clock—but the key difference is that you can’t hit snooze! This ingeniously removes the temptation to spend an extra five, ten, or even 30 minutes lazing around.

If you want to switch off the alarm (which we assume you will!), Kiwake forces you to get out of bed, play a brain game, and browse your goals for the day—making it ideal for anyone wanting to become a morning person.

How Much Will the Kiwake Alarm Clock Set Me Back?

The Kiwake Alarm Clock costs $7.99 and is available on iOS devices.

Check Out the Kiwake Time Management App Here

Best Time Management Apps #7: RescueTime

RescueTime Management App

As its name suggests, RescueTime is a time-tracking app that—just like Toggl—records how you spend your time on the web.

It’s great if you want to get an accurate feel for what you’re doing with your day—from procrastinating on social media to all the websites you visit as well as the apps you’re using—it’ll reveal it all.

RescueTime even sends notifications to tell you when you’re spending too much time on specific tasks, so you can take back control of what you achieve within your working hours.

You’ll also get access to in-depth reports and daily highlights to help monitor your progress. Knowledge is power. Once you know you’re wasting time, you can take the necessary action to eliminate distractions, and eventually reap the rewards of boosted productivity.

If you opt for RescueTime’s Premium package, they’ll even temporarily block you from websites that tempt you away from your work!

You can access RescueTime via:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • OS X
  • Windows
  • Linux

How Much Will RescueTime Set Me Back?

RescueTime Lite is entirely free. Alternatively, you can access their premium features for $9 per month or $72 for the year if you’re happy to pay upfront.

Check Out the RescueTime Time Management App Here

Best Time Management Apps #8: The Loop Habit Tracker

Loop Habit Tracker App

More often than not, poor productivity is linked to bad habits. This is where Loop comes into its own.

This app aims to help you shed these unhealthy habits, so you can enjoy a more productive day—both workwise and in your personal life.

Just set the goal(s) you want to achieve and Loop populates tons of “recipes” which are recommended daily behaviors to help break bad habits. If you stick to the recipes, as time goes on, these new behaviors should eventually come naturally to you.

How Much Will Loop Set Me Back?

Loop is totally free and available to download on Android devices.

Check Out the Loop Habit Tracker App Here

Best Time Management Apps #9: Timely

Timely Time Management App

Timely is another intuitive scheduling and time-tracking app. Within minutes, you can organize your workweek for you and your team and keep an eye on how long each project takes to complete. Timely displays your working week in advance to help you predict the amount of time you’ll need for the completion of all your jobs.

As time goes on, you can compare how long you guessed a project would take with how long it actually took. This kind of information helps to schedule your time in the future more accurately.

Timely is available on:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • As an internet browser app

How Much Will Timely Set Me Back?

Timely starts at $7 per month for an individual user.

Check Out the Timely Time Management App Here

Best Time Management Apps #10: Freedom

Freedom Productivity Tool

Freedom blocks the sites and apps that tempt you to procrastinate rather than work. As fun as scrolling through Buzzfeed and checking social media is, it can damage your productivity.

You can set recurring work sessions which start automatically. During these pre-set times, Freedom prevents you from accessing content that could potentially disrupt your focus.

Freedom is available on iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.

How Much Will Freedom Set Me Back?

Freedom costs either $6.99 per month, $2.42 per month for one year’s access, or an upfront cost of $129.00 per year.

Check Out the Freedom Time Management App Here

Best Time Management Apps #11: Trello

Trello Best Time Management Apps

Trello is arguably one of the most popular productivity apps on the market. It’s an incredibly flexible and dynamic project management tool where you can organize pending tasks and collaborate with colleagues—all from the convenience of one platform.

This is how it works: Trello allows you to visualize each of your projects as lists pinned on digital bulletin boards so you and your team can monitor each of your workflows with just a glance.

Now, each of these lists comprises of “cards” which are just individual posts. You can use these to detail your targets, ideas, tasks (or whatever else you want to communicate with the team). As such, it doesn’t matter whether you’re coordinating your next business venture or writing a shopping list for the office, Trello molds to fit the specific needs of your business.

Members of your team can add their own comments and upload attachments which works wonders for ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Trello is available on:

How Much Will Trello Set Me Back?

Trello offers its users a free version. Alternatively, if you want access to their premium features, you’ll need to shell out for either a Business Class or Enterprise account.

Check Out the Trello Time Management App Here

Best Time Management Apps #12: Noisli

Noisli Productivity App

Noisli offers something a little different. This app plays atmospheric background noises to help you block out distractions. Users report that this really helps them to knuckle down and focus on the task at hand.

You can select one of Noisli’s pre-set combos or pick categories of sounds like nature or ocean tones. Alternatively, you can even craft your own mix of noises—it’s entirely up to you!

How Much Will Noisli Set Me Back?

To use Noisli on a desktop device, it’s completely free. You can access it either by their web app or the Google Chrome extension. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to use their mobile app (compatible with iOS devices), you’ll have to pay $1.99—which is still incredibly reasonable!

Check Out the Noisli Time Management App Here

Best Time Management Apps #13: MyLifeOrganized

MyLifeOrganized Best Time Management Apps

MyLifeOrganized allows users to drag-and-drop, flag, and organize their tasks. One of the best things about this app is that all the information is displayed on one simple yet elegant-looking interface.

This tool comes in especially handy for managing unusually large projects, as you’re able to create subtasks to help you keep on track.

Their paid-for packages include access to MyLifeOrganized’s automated smart lists. In short, this is where the app analyzes your tasks and deadlines to determine which jobs you need to prioritize.

You can also set geo-based reminders, which are useful for running business-related errands—picking up coffee, office supplies, going to meetings (you know the drill). This app notifies you whenever you’re near a location where you need to do something.

With MyLifeOrganized, you can stay on track across a whole array of devices—iOS, Android, and Windows. If you opt for a paid-for plan, you’ll also get cloud-based access.

How Much Will MyLifeOrganized Set Me Back?

MyLifeOrganized offers users numerous pricing packages which range from $0 to $59.95—so you’re bound to find a bundle that complements your budget.

Check Out the MyLifeOrganized App Here

Best Time Management Apps #14: OmniFocus

OmniFocus Productivity App

OmniFocus allows you to add your to-do list to your calendar, so you never forget a thing. You can group and filter tasks by adding tags that represent locations, people, energy levels, or priorities.

OmniFocus also sends you notifications to remind you when you have a deadline or an important event coming up, so you won’t have to keep checking their in-app calendar for updates.

Last but not least, you can even sync your data so you can always access the latest version of your calendar on all your iOS devices and Macs.

How Much Will OmniFocus Set Me Back?

OmniFocus offers two pricing plans:

  • The Standard Plan: $39.99
  • The Pro Plan: $79.99

Check Out the OmniFocus Time Management App Here

Best Time Management Apps #15: Focus@Will

Focus@Will Time Management App

Focus@Will is another time management app that provides users with plenty of features to maximize their time better. For example, Focus@Will plays music as well as a variety of other relaxing noises scientifically proven to increase focus by as much as four times!

Developed by three neuroscientists who spent a great deal of time reviewing studies and conducting their own, you can be confident that this app is the real deal.

Focus@Will hosts an exclusive compilation of music to assist you in different scenarios. For example, you can choose a playlist tailored to your work—it doesn’t matter whether you’re running the day-to-day of your business or completing an assignment, Focus@Will has a playlist to suit your needs.

Focus@Will claims to have a specific type of music to help nearly anyone boost their productivity. Just plug in a few details about yourself and this app will play harmonious tunes optimized to your unique set of circumstances.

Focus@Will syncs and works across all your devices, which means you can pick up wherever you left off. At the time of writing, Focus@Will is currently available for both Android and Mac users. However, it’s also reported that an app for iOS devices is soon to be released, so keep your eyes peeled for an update on that.

How Much Will Focus@Will Cost Me?

This app is free, however, if you want to register more than one user to your account, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee.

Check Out the Focus@Will Time Management App Here

Best Time Management Apps #16: Pocket

Pocket Productivity App

Pocket is a bookmarking app. Put simply, you can save all kinds of web content to come back to at a later date.

Why is this necessary?

Well, never again will you lose focus on your work to an interesting article. Instead, just use Pocket to save everything in one place for you to enjoy after you’ve finished work.

Likewise, you can respect your leisure time by saving work-related content to look at during working hours. After all, everyone deserves some time off.

Pocket also makes it easy to discover new content based on your individual preferences. So, when you decide to delve back into the content you’ve saved, you can immerse yourself in plenty of other relevant materials. This comes in handy for learning new skills to grow your business or researching new topics.

Pocket is available to use with Android, iOS, Mac and Windows devices and boasts numerous internet browser extensions.

How Much Will Pocket Set Me Back?

Pocket offers a free plan for users to try. Alternatively, you can pay $5 per month or $45 per year for an ad-free experience as well as access to a broader list of features.

Check Out the Pocket Time Management App Here

Best Time Management Apps #17: Asana

Asana Best Task Manager

Asana is a fabulous task manager for keeping track of day-to-day activities—especially if you’re working in sales.

Sales reps can manage both their leads and customers—as well as collaborate with other team members—all from the luxury of one place.

Asana is available on iOS, Android, and Desktop devices.

How Much Will Asana Set Me Back?

The Basic Plan won’t cost you a dollar, it’s completely free, whereas the Premium Plan will set you back $9.99 per user per month (billed annually). Alternatively, there’s the Business Bundle that costs $19.99 per user per month (billed annually). Lastly, there’s an Enterprise Plan which is the most extensive of the three. If you’re interested in this, you’ll have to contact Asana’s sales team directly to get a customized quote.

Check Out the Asana Task Manager Here

Best Time Management Apps #18: TodoistTodoist Task Manager App

Todoist is yet another task-management tool that empowers you to organize your entire schedule. You can utilize Todoist’s handy calendar view to visualize your upcoming week (or month) with just a glance.

You can also add recurring tasks and deadlines, so you won’t have to waste time manually inputting repetitive tasks. There are even several templates for you to utilize, so you won’t have to start from scratch every time you generate a new to-do list.

You can also color code tasks to highlight which jobs are a priority. Todoist also integrates with hundreds of different apps, so if you’re already using a variety of software to run your business, you should still be able to stay on top of everything.

You can even tag each project with a different label to help you manage everything on your schedule. Plus, you’ll rack up karma points each time you complete a task on time. We love this extra feature—there’s nothing like giving yourself a virtual pat on the back for a job well done!

We also love that this tool helps you manage your team by encouraging you to assign tasks via their team delegation features.

Todoist integrates with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices and can be accessed through a variety of internet browser add-ons. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, or your smartphone, you can still add tasks to your to-do list.

How Much Will Todoist Set Me Back?

Todoist offers its users both free and paid-for options. Their cheapest paid-for plan (Premium) starts at $3 per month for an individual account whereas their Business accounts start at $5 per user per month.

Check Out the Todoist Task Management App Here

Best Time Management Apps #19: Remember The Milk

Remember the Milk Time Management App

Remember The Milk started off first as a sophisticated way to create and manage grocery lists, but now it’s way more than that. Fast forward to today and Remember The Milk is now a time management app that empowers you to create an infinite number of to-do lists with color-coded tags.

If you’re managing a larger project, you can break it up into smaller, more manageable subtasks. You can also opt to receive reminders on any looming deadlines via email, text, IM, and/or Twitter to help you get all your work done on time.

You can also attach files from your Google Drive or Dropbox to enhance your lists and share them with your team members. That’s in addition to being able to connect your Remember The Milk account with your favorite apps like Gmail, Outlook, and Google Calendar.

This app is available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices, and you can also access it through several internet browser extensions. You’ll also be pleased to hear, you can still stay connected and synced to all your devices even when you’re offline, making it an excellent option for entrepreneurs on the run!

How Much Will Remember The Milk Set Me Back?

Remember The Milk offers a free version and their cheapest paid-for plan starts at $39.99 per year.

Check Out the RememberTheMilk Time Management App Here

Best Time Management Apps #20: Harvest

Harvest Time Tracking App

Simply put, Harvest is a robust time and expense tracking app which encourages you to think about time as a limited resource.

It helps you track all of your billable time so you can ensure every minute of your time is accounted for. That’s in addition to automatically creating and sending invoices to your clients to compensate you for your time.

Harvest also comes equipped with a forecasting functionality which helps you and your team budget ample time and resources to complete your projects and best of all, Harvest integrates with tons of other apps like Asana, Trello, and GitHub (just to name a few!).

You can download and use Harvest on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices. There are also numerous internet browser plugins available.

How Much Will Harvest Set Me Back?

Harvest costs $12 per user per month.

Check Out the Harvest Time Management App Here


It’s easy to feel like you spend your entire life working when you aren’t managing your time effectively—so let’s change that. By using some of the tools above, you’ll gradually start boosting your overall productivity during your working week which ultimately, should result in a healthier work-life balance.

If you’re unsure which of these 20 tools to try, consider what you’re struggling with, what you want to get from your day, and your budget. We highly recommend trying the tools that come with a free plan, as you have nothing to lose by giving them a go.

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