How to make your product pages stand out on Google

How to make your product pages stand out on Google

Do you know about all the advantages of Rich Snippets and the visibility they can bring to your online store?

These Google features, although not widely used by many eCommerce sites, may help set your product pages apart from the competition.

And this is exactly what everyone who has an online business wants: to differentiate themselves organically from other businesses in the same industry.

That is why using Rich Snippets both in your content and in URLs of your product pages will make you attract attention in the SERP compared to other search results.

But before explaining how to harness the power of this Google feature, let me more clearly define the concept so you can better grasp its benefits.

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets, as they are commonly known, are pieces of HTML code that are integrated into your website and make your pages appear in the SERP of search engines along with extra features.

For the user, this means additional information beyond the main elements, such as the metatitle, the metadescription or the URL of the content itself.

The type of information can vary: consumer opinions, people, ratings, products, prices, establishments, recipes, events, music, 5-star ratings, etc.

Are Rich Snippets displayed in the same way on mobile phones and computers?

In any case, as far as product pages are concerned, Rich Snippets allow you to showcase product advantages and properties, as we will see below.

But you should also keep in mind that these will be displayed differently on mobile devices and desktop browsers.

► On computers, you need to limit the metadata and metadescription to no more than 60 and 155 characters respectively.

Even so, Google will measure them in pixels, but these are the current approximate measurements in desktop characters.

If you exceed these measures, you run the risk of their being shortened in the SERP.

 For mobile devices, the figures are similar to those of a computer, although for obvious reasons of space Google may show them slightly smaller.

Why are Rich Snippets so important?

With each of the factors highlighted below, you’ll understand why you should integrate Rich Snippets into your online store.

► Offer users better search results

Over the past few years, Google has made a number of updates to its algorithm, enabling it to gain a deeper understanding of the content offered to users on websites.

In this way, more visually appealing search results can also be offered within the SERP.

► Improve CTR

As you know, the CTR (Click Through Rate) is a very important aspect measured by Google and other search engines to determine your website’s SEO positioning.

And as already noted, with Rich Snippets you can display your results differently and more prominently than other SERP results.

As a result, you’ll have a better chance of users clicking through to your website.

And thus, your CTR will increase.

► Improve SEO on-page

Considering the above, when you create an online store and continually generate new content (or improve existing content), Google will also reward the location in which you create them.

Thus, if many of your website URLs are “enriched” in Google, you will also get improved organic positioning.

► Show that your website is highly rated

As you’ll see below, one type of Rich Snippet involves ratings, either on a 5-star scale (or the customizable number you choose) or reviews from your customers.

For an online store, imagine the amount of confidence users will feel when they see good reviews related to your website URL.

Even before you decide to click, your mind will be positively influenced in advance.

What are the different kinds of Rich Snippets that exist?

There are several formats Google can use to display and highlight your content. These include the following:

1. Customer reviews and opinions

In this way, you can decide which search result to click on or, put another way, which website in the SERP is most similar to the search you have just performed.

For example, former eCommerce customers or students of your training courses could leave you a comment with their feedback.

Since they’re satisfied with the product or service purchased, they can kindly leave a review on your store’s My Business page on Google, which the search engine will search and display.  

2. Images of your products

With Rich Snippets, Google will show users not only search results, but also the highlighted image from the product page.

This will help users decide whether or not to click. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the quality and design of your images, trying to ensure that they are of the best possible quality.  

3. Quality, informative content

In the same way, when you are looking for information about a specific need, the search engine can show it to you in an enriched way.

A good example would be when you search for “how to create a Twitter account,” for which Google shows part of the step-by-step process from an article on my own blog.  

4. Company or brand information

Another Rich Snippet feature offered by the search engine is the capability of displaying company information directly in the SERP.

This way, without even leaving the Google page, we can learn some interesting facts about it.

This is the case for PrestaShop – if you look up our location, you’ll see an enriched result showing our address:  

We also have other companies with highlighted results, such as in the Knowledge Graph, where relevant business information is shown to the right of the SERP.

For example, Tu Bebé Box, a PrestaShop store selling highly original baby gifts:  

5. Recipes

One thing Google has been doing for some time now is showing Rich Snippets in recipe searches.

So it might show, as a first result, part of a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a particular dish.  

6. Featured videos

As with the other types, you can also find videos that the search engine considers relevant to the keywords you’ve searched for:  

7. Current news

Similarly, we can find breaking news, which for Google is potentially relevant and could be just what you’re looking for.

For example, if you’re searching for a famous person, you’ll find them right underneath the search box:  

8. Featured events

Another type of Rich Snippets involves events, where you can find conferences, concerts, theater performances, etc.

Here are shown some of the biggest events being held soon.

For this, you also need to input the necessary information in, and provide Google with the appropriate prompts to display them.  

But how can you get Rich Snippets in Google results?

These are some of the most important types you will find when searching the Internet.

But at this point, and keeping in mind all the different types that exist, you’re probably wondering how to integrate Rich Snippets into your online store.

Well, the standard way is to integrate a custom HTML code into the pages where you want them to be displayed.

It’s important to stress that in order to optimize the information of the different types of Rich Snippets we’ve just seen, you will need to access

There you will be informed of the different conditions that your content has to comply with in order to see highlighted results. 

These should preferably be structured in the form of microdata, as recommended by Google.

However, if you have an online PrestaShop store, there is a much easier way to do it, by using its different modules.

Below I recommend some of the most important ones:

Five best modules for integrating Rich Snippets into your PrestaShop store

As I said, these are some of the most powerful add-ons which will help you signal to Google that your website is ready to display these advanced features:

1. Opiniones Tienda + Opiniones Productos + Rich Snippets

This module easily allows you to add Rich Snippets to the different product pages of your eCommerce site.

With Store Reviews + Product Reviews + Google Rich Snippets you can also show customer reviews for your products in the SERP.

This will positively influence customers when they visit you and make them buy.

2. Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets

This is one of the most powerful tools for incorporating these advanced features into your eCommerce site.

Online business owners need the best apps and modules, and Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro gives you the reliability you need.

It adds customer reviews and comments, ratings, stars, etc., to make your website more attractive when appearing in Google results.

3. Product Reviews + Google Snippets, Breadcrumb, Rich Pin

This add-on, in addition to adding all the features of the previous Rich Snippets, can show breadcrumbs.

If you’re not already familiar with it, this feature shows the so-called “breadcrumbs,” used by some online stores, to show the path taken to get to the current page. 

You can show this pathway by installing the Product Reviews + Google Snippets module for PrestaShop.

4. Reviews, Advices, Ratings & SEO

You might say that Reviews, Advices, Ratings & SEO is an all-inclusive package, since it incorporates all the previous features.

This is one of the most popular downloads by PrestaShop users and is fully compatible with version 1.7 of the CMS.

5. Product Rating + Google Snippets, Breadcrumb, Rich Pins

If you need an add-on to activate and deactivate all the aspects that make Google take these Rich Snippets from your website, this should be your primary tool.

In this way, Product Rating + Google Snippets, Breadcrumb, Rich Pins ensures that your store always has access to breadcrumbs, pins for your Pinterest account or stars.


Now that you know all the advantages of adding Rich Snippets to your online store, I hope you’ll consider adding them to your site.

Remember that these could give you that extra SERP visibility that your business needs, with more visits translating to greater sales.

So what are you waiting for? Add Rich Snippets to your business today!

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