How to Turn Customer Experience Strategy into CX Execution – and Other News

How to Turn Customer Experience Strategy into CX Execution – and Other News

Enjoy our weekly roundup of top news stories across the Customer Experience (CX) landscape.


Oracle CX Social Content:

  • Great news! @Oracle was named a winner of @pgreenbe’s coveted #CRM Watchlist – one of the most coveted #awards in the #CX space! via @ZDNet #OracleCX
  • .@OracleCommerce & @OracleEngmtCld news are moving to @OracleCX! Start following @OracleCX for the latest product updates and news!
  • Learn about #CX and the #experienceeconomy in this deep dive with @mkrigsman and @rtarkoff , EVP and General Manager of @OracleCX Group via @cxotalk:
  • Creating personalized experiences is the secret to growing your #loyalty base by @bobbymeix #CX #OracleCX #custloyalty
  • Find out how your peers are adapting to meet skyrocketing #CX at #OOW19 . View the CX content program here:


Oracle CX in the News:

CRM Watchlist 2019: The big engines that could  – Paul Greenberg, Zdnet, 7.15.19

  • Check out the story from independent analyst Paul Greenberg diving into Oracle’s victory surrounding our industry impact, fundamental culture change and company vision in his CRM Watchlist editorial.


Industry News:

How to Turn Customer Experience Strategy into CX Execution – Jeannie Walters, Customerthink, 7.17.19

  • Customer experience strategy requires a leader who is willing to beat on a drum so often some people will think you are too focused on this idea.

Ask The Consultant: Your Top Customer Service Questions Answered – Micah Solomon, Forbes, 7.17.19

  • Each customer service minute should be devoted to a single aspect of providing great service. Read about more interesting questions on customer service.

Good, bad, or indifferent: Influencing emotion in customer experience – Gavin James, Customerthink, 7.18.19

  • Creating positive emotional customer experiences starts within a company. It’s important to have a clear CX vision and help employees understand how to bring that vision to life every day.

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