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Retailers’ Most Common Cloud Mistakes and How to Avoid Them | Cloud Computing

It’s easy to understand why so many retail organizations have moved their infrastructure to the cloud. Cloud-based architecture allows provisioning nearly infinite compute instances on-demand in minutes. There is no need for upfront licensing or infrastructure costs, meaning a faster return on investment can usually be realized. The most lauded benefits of all, however, are.


5 Ways to Make a Better “About Us” Page

Your company “About Us” page matters more than you might think. Studies show that a whopping 52 percent of users generally want to see an “About Us” page on a company website. In fact, it’s often the first page users see when they land on your store. Of course, all pages on a website matter,.

Write Great Content for Your Site with These 5 Resources

Before you opened your online store, you probably learned about budgeting, taxes, supply chain management, SEM and all the other hard skills that will help you successfully run a business. If you didn’t add copywriting and content strategy to your list of skills to learn, you’re not alone. Because writing and communication feels like a.

Reading List: Mark Fitzsimmons of Xigen

Mark Fitzsimmons “Reading List” is an occasional series where we ask ecommerce professionals to name some of their favorite books and blogs and tell us why they read them. For this installment, we corresponded with Mark Fitzsimmons. He is managing director at Xigen, a U.K.-based digital agency offering web design, development, ecommerce, and online marketing.

Use CAC and CLV to Monitor Ecommerce Growth, Profit

Growing an ecommerce business can feel like juggling knives whilst riding a unicycle on a tightrope. Business owners and managers have so much data available and so many key performance indicators, it can be difficult to know where to focus attention or investment. While there are many possible metrics or KPIs, businesses aimed at long-term,.

Post & Parcel APAC 2019 • E-Commerce Nation

Leaders in Logistics: Post & Parcel APAC 2019 will bring together global leaders from across post and logistics. Uniting integrators, commercial and postal operators, it will discuss the key challenges facing the industry, offering key insights into the solutions which will overcome new challenges. Don’t miss your opportunity to join 200+ delegates to discover the.