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9 Examples of Product Descriptions that Sell

A product description is the marketing copy that explains what a product is and why it’s worth purchasing. The purpose of a product description is to supply customers with important information about the features and benefits of the product so they’re compelled to buy. However, entrepreneurs and marketers alike are susceptible to a very common.


Review My Website : ecommerce

I’ve noticed quite a few people asking for people to review their website so I thought I would through one of mine out there. There are a couple things I’m planning on adding/updating Adding picture reviews under the products and then including video reviews of the products either on the product page or somewhere else..

Is my website worth a damn? ​ It's not dropshipping, I carry inventory and ship every item myself. ​ Mostly made the site myself… had to get some help getting items on google marketplace. ​ So far, I've done a few ads on google, maybe a few hundred visits, but no buyers, and I'm wondering if my site just sucks.

Your Most Influential Marketing Asset and How to Use It — Conversion Rate Optimization

Cold traffic can be hard to convert. New visitors don’t just become customers the first time they come across your business—you need to earn their trust first. Social proof, however, can facilitate that process. It’s one of the most effective levers an ecommerce business has for building trust, and it has the potential to become even more.

10 Ways to Pick the Perfect Price

Setting the right prices for your products is a balancing act. A low price isn’t always ideal, as the product might see a healthy stream of sales without turning any profit (and we all like to eat and pay our bills, right?). Similarly, when a product as a high price, a retailer may see fewer.

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime: The Essential Guide

This post is by Dan Burnham, Head of the Customer Success team at Volo. Dan has over 15 years of retail and ecommerce experience, and at Volo is focused on building a world-class customer experience and helping customers to grow. Volo provides technology and services to online multichannel sellers, and processes more than 40 million.