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Subway elige Uber Eats para ampliar su servicio delivery

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Adaptarse o morir

Carlos Sánchez Lera, Sales Engineer Comercia Global Payments El dinosaurio ha despertado. Ante el auge de los wallets y los pagos alternativos, la banca tradicional le ha visto las orejas al lobo y empieza a reaccionar. Google, Apple, CUP,… van tomando sus posiciones y desarrollando su estrategia: todos quieren su parte del pastel pero, ¿está.

AI in Healthcare: Independent Living for Consumers | Trends

Artificial intelligence applied to healthcare includes a collection of technologies that enable machines to sense, interpret, act and learn. AI implementations for digital health can be relatively simple when they are focused largely on personal patient engagement, or vastly complex when working with big data sets, highly specialized diagnostics, and the workflows of multiple highly.

Why Your Mobile Shoppers Aren’t Shopping

Improving mobile performance is a priority for most ecommerce executives, who often obsess over conversion metrics that are typically lower than desktop. But the comparison is not entirely valid. Mobile visitors have different goals. Instead of comparing to desktop activity, merchants should optimize for what mobile visitors are trying to achieve. In this post, I’ll.

21 Free Tools to Test Your Website

Here is a list of free tools to test your website. There are tools to measure download speed, test accessibility, locate broken links, evaluate search engine and browser compatibility, and check mobile-friendliness. Free Tests for Your Site W3C Markup Validation Service. From World Wide Web Consortium, this validator checks the markup of web documents in.