4 Pros (& 6 Cons) of Investing in Vacant Land

In a prior article (“Buying a Building to House Your Business? Stop and Consider This First”), I described a deal where I built a commercial building to house my business on a vacant lot behind one of my rentals. Eventually, after we moved out of the property, I kept it as a multi-unit rental, and.


Homes That Sold for Around $600,000

Each week, our survey of recent residential sales in New York City and the surrounding region focuses on homes that sold around a certain price point, allowing you to compare single-family homes, condos and co-ops in different locales. The “list price” is the asking price when the property came on the market with the most.

7 Trust-Building Social Media Hacks

To build trust with your audience (and stand out from the sea of other agents posting on social media), you need to give them some content that they don’t see every day. Here are seven things you can do to provide value for your audience. Article image credited to Alex Martinez, Max Kleinen Source link

Reviewing Leases, Raising Rent & More

When you purchase a rental property, it may come with tenants in place, and those tenants will suddenly become YOUR tenants. These tenants are known as “inherited tenants.” Inherited tenants can be beneficial, as you will not need to immediately spend time filling the vacant unit, and you’ll be receiving income from day one. However,.

6 Ways to Reduce Your Taxable Income with Eric Brotman

In today’s episode, we chat with Eric Brotman, CEO of BFG Financial Advisors, who discusses his top 6 ways to reduce taxable income. Eric dives deep into each of these 6 methods, taking time to explain the ins and outs of each one and sharing how to maximize their benefits—both now and for your future..

6 Audiobooks Investors Should Listen to in 2019

The best way to succeed in investment is to learn from the strategies (and mistakes) that other investors have made. And while it’s easy and free to learn from the investors in your network, your network has limited knowledge. Utilize your network, but also consider reading books about investment—or at least consider listening to them..

7 Types of Tenants Who Cause MAJOR Landlord Headaches

Tenants are the lifeblood of the landlording business. But as landlords, we don’t want just anyone as our tenants. We want good quality people who will pay, stay and respect our properties. We want tenants who will not cause problems, either to us or to our other tenants. We landlords already have enough problems to.