L`Oréal Paris consigue un mayor lanzamiento de peinados “Stylista” gracias a bumper ads

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Created a Chrome Extension that automatically shows you what Facebook ads a website is currently running. What do you think? : ecommerce

Created a chrome extension called eBoost Ad Spy. It automatically opens another tab in your bowsers showing you what ads that specific website is running on Facebook. The goal was to make it quicker and easier than the traditional way of having to search for a website’s Facebook page, then looking for the info/ads section..

INSTAGRAM vs. FACEBOOK Ads for DROPSHIPPING (which should you use with Shopify?)

Which is best for dropshippers: Instagram Shoutouts, or Facebook Ads for a dropshipping store? WEBINAR – Build a 7-Figure Dropship Store: Get our free ebook: There are two popular types of traffic sources when dropshipping: Facebook ads, and Instagram shoutouts. Which one is best for dropshipping? Let’s take a look at the pros.