How to build a brand story through storytelling?

Storytelling is a powerful form of human communication. We have used storytelling in sharing our history, expressing our feelings, and telling people our purpose. More and more businesses are starting to build their brand story through storytelling. Since there are many benefits to it, it’s very beneficial to try out storytelling ideas for your own.


Looking For Feedback On My Brand New Shopify Store! And, a Few Questions.. : ecommerce

Hi, I quietly turned my store online a few days ago and I’m looking for feedback: I have yet to do advertising or marketing of any kind so traffic has been none existent. Planning to jump on it very soon and I’m seeking advice/direction in that regard as well. I have some ideas but.

Just launched my new craft hot sauce brand website and would appreciate any feedback!

Hey there r/ecommerce! As the title states, I just launched the ecommerce site for a craft hot sauce line that my wife and I started producing earlier this year. I'd love to hear any feedback / critique / things I missed / etc. The site is Thanks! submitted by /u/Merlaak [comments].

The Importance of Strong Domain Security to Brand Value | Enterprise Security

Building and sustaining a brand has gotten more challenging. The global marketplace, empowered by the Internet, has delivered a raft of opportunities to businesses, but it also has opened the door for challenges. These challenges include increased competition as the result of a wider market, and increased possibilities for brand abuse. Added to that mix.

True Confessions 2 – How One Brand Engaged Me After I Weaponized Social Media Against Them

My son plays youth hockey, which requires spending a lot of money on equipment and uniforms.   He and his teammates were excited about wearing their new hockey sweaters, which are fancy like the pros, with embroidered names, logos and numbers. But, when it arrived, it was extremely small. After squeezing into it, this thing looked.

Using Instagram Stories to Boost Your Brand

If you’ve used Instagram at all lately, you’ve probably seen the multi-colored circles around profile pictures that indicate an Instagram Story. These Instagram Stories are text, photos or 15-second short videos, and they’re available to users and brands alike, all with a 24-hour expiration date. If you haven’t heard of Instagram Stories yet, check out.

Brand Leaders from VW, Aon, and Spark discuss the future of marketing

The future of marketing is personal. As the expectations of your customer skyrocket and the relationships they forge with their brands grow looser, it can be challenging to continually inspire loyalty while also driving growth.  With so many companies now vying for the attention of your audience it’s now imperative to stand out from the.