Google Analytics: Common Mistakes from Ecommerce Merchants

Google Analytics provides impactful data that can help ecommerce merchants. But installed incorrectly, Google Analytics can produce inaccurate reporting. And a faulty analysis of Analytics data can lead merchants to the wrong actions. In this post, I’ll address common mistakes from ecommerce merchants in installing Google Analytics and analyzing its data. Installation Mistakes Missing Google.


How to Overcome the Three Most Common Challenges of Amazon

Amazon has been revolutionary for small and medium businesses. For the first time, independent brands have an equal chance at competing with the big guys by harnessing the powerful e-commerce and marketing tools Amazon offers. Yet, mastering the comprehensive platform can be time-consuming and there are many pitfalls budding brands risk to face on Amazon..

Retailers’ Most Common Cloud Mistakes and How to Avoid Them | Cloud Computing

It’s easy to understand why so many retail organizations have moved their infrastructure to the cloud. Cloud-based architecture allows provisioning nearly infinite compute instances on-demand in minutes. There is no need for upfront licensing or infrastructure costs, meaning a faster return on investment can usually be realized. The most lauded benefits of all, however, are.

Common B2B Mistakes, Part 3: Shopping Carts, Order Management

B2B ecommerce merchants can sometimes make the shopping cart process difficult for their customers. Examples include not allowing saved carts, single-product punch back, and limited payment methods. This post is the third in a series in which I address common mistakes of B2B ecommerce merchants. It follows from my 10 years of consulting with B2B.

Common B2B Mistakes, Part 2: User Management, Customer Service

Common B2B ecommerce mistakes involving customer service include the inability of a merchant’s personnel to replicate the experience of buyers. For 10 years I have consulted with B2B ecommerce companies worldwide. I have assisted in the setup of new B2B sites, in optimizing existing B2B sites, and with ongoing support for B2B sites. This post.

Common B2B Mistakes, Part 1: Catalog Management, Pricing

  Common B2B ecommerce mistakes include product mismatches, wherein the items on a customer’s contract do not appear on the website or appear on the site at incorrect prices. For 10 years I have consulted with B2B ecommerce companies worldwide. I have assisted in the setup of new B2B sites, in optimizing existing B2B sites,.

6 Common Copywriting Mistakes that Cost You Sales

You’re writing, and writing, and writing. You’re polishing your category pages. You’re toiling over countless product descriptions. You write for humans, while always keeping one eye toward search engines. But let’s admit it: Sometimes you wonder, is your copy working hard enough? Are you persuading web visitors to buy? Let’s look at six ecommerce copywriting mistakes.