Write Great Content for Your Site with These 5 Resources

Before you opened your online store, you probably learned about budgeting, taxes, supply chain management, SEM and all the other hard skills that will help you successfully run a business. If you didn’t add copywriting and content strategy to your list of skills to learn, you’re not alone. Because writing and communication feels like a.


5 Content Marketing Ideas for July 2019

Content marketing inspiration for July 2019 can come from many sources, including advice columns “Dear Abby” and “Ask Ann Landers,” sporting events, space exploration, American politics, and even Facebook. Content marketing is the act of creating or curating content and then publishing it and promoting it to attract, engage, and retain an audience of customers.

7 Critical Skills for Running an E-Commerce Business | Sponsored Content

The very first online purchase occurred on 11 August 1994: a copy of Sting’s Ten Summoner’s Tales CD. Since then ‘e-commerce’ – the term used to describe transactions conducted over the internet – has exploded. Many of us interact with e-commerce businesses on a daily basis, whether it’s purchasing physical goods, digital goods, or online.

Essential Social Media Metrics for Content Marketing

Social media can drive visits to a company’s content pages. Google Analytics has a built-in report for tracking how much traffic your site receives from social media networks. Social media sites can be powerful tools for distributing content and driving engagement. But, like much of marketing, long-term social media success requires constant improvement. Improvement is.

20 Tools for Content Marketing

Content marketing is the practice of engaging customers and prospects with articles, videos, podcasts, and similar to promote your brand and drive sales. Fortunately, there are a variety of online tools to help discover, create, and distribute that valuable content. Here is a list of tools to assist in your content marketing efforts. There are.

Building an Ecommerce Business, Part 15: Content Essentials

Content marketing for ecommerce businesses is much more than a sales pitch. Done well, it connects with prospective customers and tells the story of a brand. I’m the founder of Beardbrand, an ecommerce business in Austin, Texas that focuses on beard care and men’s grooming. This is episode 15 in my series on building an.

[Infographic] 5 trends shaping content marketing in 2019

When developing a digital marketing strategy, content marketing is a key component. Indeed, content marketing provides many advantages to companies including an improvement in conversion rate, increasing visibility and even lowest costs than traditional marketing. Content marketing platforms are constantly evolving and consumers are using different channels and formats which hardly existed before. From creation.