Review my Custom PC Website : ecommerce

I came here 6 months ago with a really crappy website, and was given some advice, such as taking real, good product photos, adding trust symbols, etc. I’ve tried to implement all the advice I’ve received. Would you buy a PC from my website? What could be fixed? Things I know that could be.


Why Custom Packaging is Important

Cheap, expendable and disposable online purchases. We’ve all bought them. Whether it’s an original copy of “Sleepless in Seattle” on VHS from eBay, or a novelty burger flipper in the shape of a guitar from Amazon, we’ve all bought something that we didn’t really need. Think back to your last throwaway purchase — how was.

Building an Ecommerce Business, Part 16: Custom Manufacturing

Selling manufactured goods directly to consumers, with no retail middlemen, has exploded on the internet. An entrepreneur with an idea for an original product can design it, find a manufacturer for it, and sell it online via any number of sophisticated ecommerce platforms. I’m the founder of Beardbrand, an ecommerce business in Austin, Texas, that.

Introduction to Create and Set your Custom Domain for dummies – part 1

Introduction to How to create and set your custom email domain name for dummies. Playlist: We are going to: Create an account with and get your custom domain name. Use Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Outlook as an Email Client to get access to our custom email domain name source

Shopified App – How to Use Custom Tracking URLs In Shopify

In this video, learn how to use custom tracking URLs in Shopified App to personalize or customize how your customer sees your tracking URL. In this video, learn how to use custom tracking URLs in Shopified App to personalize or customize how your customer sees your tracking URL. For example, instead of the default tracking.

Out of the Sandbox Shopify Themes – Custom Fonts

*Parts of this video apply to older theme versions only – notes below…* The helpful video guide will walk through the steps to setup a custom font in 3 ways, following along with the instructions in these helpful articles: 00:52 — The following parts do NOT apply to Responsive 6.5.0+, Parallax 3.5.0+, Retina 4.5.0+,.

Shopify's "Debut" Theme: How to Connect Custom Google Fonts

I discovered recently that connecting Google Fonts to the Debut theme is MAJORLY not noob-friendly–so I made this video to show the method I used. source

Custom Page Subset of Collections Shopify Tutorial Supply Theme This tutorial uses the Supply Theme to create a Subset of Collection on a page in Shopify, but the principle will work on other themes. You can use existing code within the theme with minor changes for your custom page. The code changes should only take a few minutes. Here is a step by.

Shopify Tutorial Custom Collections Page using Sections Debut Theme Create a custom page section in Shopify using debut theme. Easily create a Landing page in Shopify with your custom content by adding a section to the page in customize theme.Learn how to Setup the Debut Theme Start a free trail of Shopify and follow along source

Custom Cat Shopify T-Shirt Print On Demand App Integration

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