How to Turn Customer Experience Strategy into CX Execution – and Other News

Enjoy our weekly roundup of top news stories across the Customer Experience (CX) landscape.   Oracle CX Social Content: Great news! @Oracle was named a winner of @pgreenbe’s coveted #CRM Watchlist – one of the most coveted #awards in the #CX space! via @ZDNet #OracleCX .@OracleCommerce & @OracleEngmtCld news are moving to @OracleCX! Start.


What Is Customer Acquisition? A Process for Gaining New Customers

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur trying to win over your first ten customers or a seasoned veteran acquiring your 10,000th, customer acquisition never stops being relevant. But for many business owners, sales can be unpredictable and gaining new customers can feel like a game of chance.  If you want to grow your business consistently and profitably,.

Retention Marketing vs. Customer Acquisition (Should You Shift Focus?)

Did you know that repeat customers are responsible for 40% of a store’s revenue? And what’s even more mind blowing, is that 40% share of overall revenue is generated by only 8% of customers. Your most loyal customers.  If this is the case, why are so many brands still focused on customer acquisition? Think about.

How Small Teams Use Live Chat for Customer Service

Are you nervous about adding live chat to your online store? It’s completely understandable, especially if you’re used to working with your customers over email. Email is asynchronous, so customers don’t expect an instant reply and you can use those expectations to decide which emails to answer in what order. Live chat changes the game..

Technology Tools and Customer Engagement: It’s Complicated | Customer Experience

The most successful brands today are those that have created engaged audiences and an exceptional customer experience. They have managed to humanize the most unsentimental of buying processes, and somehow made it look easy. Providing a world class customer experience is so profitable that Gartner has estimated the customer experience and relationship management software market.

The Rise of Human Agents: AI-Powered Customer Service Automation – and Other News

Enjoy our weekly roundup of top news stories across the Customer Experience (CX) landscape.   Oracle CX Social Content: How emerging technologies such as #IOT, #ArtificialIntelligence, #chatbot & #AugmentedReality will affect #custloyalty & brand performance within the next five years: via @forbes Details on how @sportablescrbrd, a battery-powered, portable scoreboard company ups its game.

3 Ecommerce Customer Service Hacks Every Seller Should Know

Reply templates, best practices and advanced hacks for three of the most common ecommerce customer support questions This post is by Nadav Roiter, Marketing Manager for Subivi and a freelance journalist. In this post I will show you how to deal with three common ecommerce customer questions as quickly as possible, while also providing excellent.

Worldpay and How Payments Can Impact the Customer Experience

Technology continues to shape the way we shop and conduct business. For consumers, the expectation is that the way we transact will keep pace with innovation, and remain seamless behind the scenes. In this Q&A, I spoke with with Oracle Commerce Cloud partner, WorldPay, Spiros Theodossiou, SVP of Product. He shares insights into some of.