Need Data for a Key Decision? Try These 8 Sources

Data drives most businesses. But what happens when you lack data to make a critical decision? How do you collect the data, and at what cost? Before acquiring missing data, define your objective. It could be answering a question, such as, “How do my sales compare to competitors?” Or, “What products should I launch?” Perhaps,.


DMEXCO sees Trust as key in today’s Big data e-commerce world

Personalizing the customer experience with big data has been identified as one of the top six 2019 e-commerce trends by OECN . To do this you need trust. The DMEXCO Board have identified ‘Trust in You’ as a key theme for EMEA’s leading tech summit, September 11 & 12. Dominik Matyka, chief advisor to DMEXCO.

Moving data from RJmetrics to Looker for a photography ecommerce startup

The following interview with Moment team which had been using RJMetrics but was starting to feel constrained and frustrated with the flexibility of the tool because of collecting more data and had more product offerings. They needed to restrategize their data program to include a more effective and accommodating business intelligence tool, find a new.

The Glue That Connects Data + Applications Together (2019)

The ecommerce industry has transformed over the last two decades as digital advancements have changed how people behave, including how they shop. The rise of software as a service (SaaS), cloud, mobile, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), social media, and other technologies have changed customers’ expectations.  In our always-on, buy anything anywhere world,.

What Shifting Data Use Means for Pay-TV and Video Services | Analytics

For many in the pay-TV industry, Netflix was the first wake-up call that a new-generation of online or technology companies could have a significant impact on their pay-TV business. Over a 10-year period, Netflix grew from a U.S.-only DVD-by-mail service to a force in the international video entertainment industry. Netflix’s service is available in more.

SEO: Structured Data Markup for Ecommerce Product Pages

Structured data markup helps ecommerce merchants in two ways. First, it aids search engines in understanding the content and purpose of a web page. If the page is selling, say, a beer-making kit, structured data will help search engines know that it’s a product for sale versus, say, a blog post about beer. Second, structured.