What Shifting Data Use Means for Pay-TV and Video Services | Analytics

For many in the pay-TV industry, Netflix was the first wake-up call that a new-generation of online or technology companies could have a significant impact on their pay-TV business. Over a 10-year period, Netflix grew from a U.S.-only DVD-by-mail service to a force in the international video entertainment industry. Netflix’s service is available in more.


SEO: Structured Data Markup for Ecommerce Product Pages

Structured data markup helps ecommerce merchants in two ways. First, it aids search engines in understanding the content and purpose of a web page. If the page is selling, say, a beer-making kit, structured data will help search engines know that it’s a product for sale versus, say, a blog post about beer. Second, structured.

Building an E-commerce Dashboard for Shopify Using Data Warehouse : ecommerce

The following tutorial shows how to consolidate all of your e-commerce data from any number of sources into a data warehouse and display critical business KPI’s on a dashboard to provide visibility into every aspect of ecommerce operations: How To Build An Ecommerce Dashboard For Shopify The tutorial walk you through the process for an.

Better Customer Satisfaction Through AI-Enabled CRM | Customer Data

You don’t have to be entrenched in the tech world to have heard the term, “artificial intelligence,” but what is artificial intelligence, or AI, as it’s commonly known? Simply put, AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes performed by machines or computer systems. Nowadays, AI is being used to carry out many jobs previously.

Omnichannel Retail: Big Data Is Nice, Fast Data Is Necessary | Applications

Any retailer that wants to be competitive knows it must offer a seamless omnichannel experience to its customers. However, many retailers aren’t aware that the key to powering that customer experience is IT system performance. Why? Omnichannel retailers must process, analyze and use huge amounts of data for a multitude of equally important functions. An.

4 Advanced Ways Brands Use Data to Increase Online Sales | Analytics

Data is one of the biggest advantages e-commerce brands have over their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Brands that sell products online can glean insights not only from sales figures, but also from impressions, click-through rates, bounce rates, and numerous other data points. They have a constant stream of visitors to help them optimize every image, ad and.

How to Merge Data from Multiple Sources into a Single Platform

Merging data from multiple sources into a new ecommerce or customer-management platform can be confusing. It’s doable, however, with careful planning and execution. Migrating to a new customer management platform may require merging multiple data sources or adding a new source. In this post, I’ll review how to merge multiple sources into a single database.