Indigenous Designers Showcase Their Heritage to Change Fashion

Fulfillment. Flexibility. Financial stability. Everyone’s motivation for starting a business is different, but there’s one factor that comes up more often than most when talking with Indigenous founders: community. Some have created a business in response to challenges faced by their fellow residents—as Birch Bark Coffee and HerBraids did to raise awareness and funds around.


LGBTQ+ Clothing and Accessories Designers for Pride Month

For this group of designers, creating an outfit or accessory goes beyond considering its aesthetics—the decisions are about helping individuals express who they are through what they wear. This is how they’ve mined their personal experiences—and identities—to make T-shirts to support the LGBTQ+ community, affordable lace front wigs for drag queens, and environmentally sustainable androgynous clothing.

13 Free Learning Resources for Designers, Developers

Designers and developers can learn new skills and find a community of peers through free online resources. There are plenty of self-guided tutorials and educational resources for beginners and advanced learners to find professional training at no cost. Here is a list of free online learning resources for designers and developers. There are tutorial sites,.

How to create a website with Shopify for photographers & designers

How to create a website with Shopify for photographers, creatives, artists and designers. Try it free► How to create a website – online store with Shopify – for photographers, designers & artists, a step by step guide. In this 48 minute video we start by signing up to Shopify and finish with creating a simple.