Mobile payment applications: which are the best known? • ECN

Paying with your smartphone is easier than ever. Mobile payment apps offer consumers new ways to make payments with friends, buy products, use alternative currencies (like cryptocurrencies, for example), manage expenses, earn rewards and much more. In this article, we list our favorite mobile payment apps. And we do it broadly: we’ve included digital purses,.


Top 10 Tips to Grow Omnichannel Sales in 30 Mins or Less • ECN

Understanding how to grow sales is a crucial aspect of running and owning a successful e-commerce business. Getting those all important sales is all about targeting the correct audience and reaching them through using the correct techniques. The aim of this guide is to provide you with an insight into how to increase your sales.

Marketing Analytics Summit Berlin • ECN

Marketing Analytics Summit – Berlin November 18-19 2019 Berlin, Germany What will you find in this article ? What is Marketing Analytics Summit? A whole new conference format consisting of lectures, discussions, and actions. Here you meet colleagues and experts who make the difference. Here you will learn everything that is important to master data-driven.

Everything you need to know about ecommerce and cybersecurity, two inseparable allies • ECN

The importance of security in e-commerce is beyond doubt. More and more companies spend a portion of their budgets to ‘shield’ their systems against cybercrime. Even local merchants are vulnerable to global attacks. This was demonstrated when the Wannacry virus infected 400,000 computers in 150 countries in 2017, at an estimated cost of $4 billion.

6 future trends in e-commerce that you can’t lose sight of • ECN

The prospects for e-commerce growth are incredible: in 2020 online sales will reach 4135 million dollars, while in 2021 will exceed 4878 million, according to Statista. Today more than ever, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and Walmart control this market. But today’s dominant companies don’t have to be tomorrow. Keeping a close eye on future trends in.

eTail Nordic 2019 • ECN

Agenda Book Now eTail brings together over 350 eCommerce leaders, innovators, and disruptors from the largest online retailers in Scandinavia, to discuss and share solutions to the key challenges they face in the eCommerce landscape. Unlike every other retail conference, eTail Nordic is focused on small group learning activities so that you can make connections.

Marketing 101: All you need to know about customer retention and techniques • ECN

Customer retention is one metric that determines the success of any business – higher customer retention, better is business health. However, it is equally difficult in the modern era as the consumer today is less loyal than before.  There are obvious answers to this phenomenon. First, the consumer today is filled with alternatives, and brands.

Digital Food & Beverage 2019 • ECN

Digital Food & Beverage July 15-17, 2019 Hyatt Regency Austin, TX Agenda THE ONLY EVENT FOR ALL PLAYERS IN FOOD & BEVERAGE Digital Food & Beverage is three days of action-packed stories, conversations, and connections with 450+ digital marketing and eCommerce leaders from the most disruptive companies in food and beverage. With an emphasis on.