Product Examples + Tips (2019)

According to Similarweb, gets around 2 billion visits a month and eBay gets about 1 billion visits a month.  These two sites dominate the ecommerce landscape in many countries around the world. According to PipeCandy, by 2017 around 2-3 million ecommerce companies were operating around the world (excluding China) and approximately 1.3 million operating.


Ecommerce Themes in 2019 (Suggested Considerations + Examples)

In today’s digital world, consumers are more distracted than ever.  How many times have you visited a website, but then abandoned your cart because you had to go run errands or switched tabs because you forgot to send an email?  Instead of fighting the reality of a busy consumer’s lifestyle, brands need to capture customers’.

Templates + Examples to Inspire You

Your FAQ page isn’t just there to address common questions about your business. That’s only part of it. An FAQ section done right can be an effective addition to your website that serves several functions, from:  Alleviating purchasing anxieties that your product page copy doesn’t directly address. Relieving some of the burden on customer support.

The 5 C’s of Marketing (with Examples)

Situation analysis is the process of looking at various aspects of your business, customers, and overall market in order to better understand the capabilities and weaknesses of your business. It’s similar to a health checkup for your business – by identifying what’s working well and what isn’t, you’ll be able to make more informed marketing.

Unique Selling Proposition Definition (Plus 10 Examples)

Competition is the natural order in business, especially for ecommerce brands where it’s not just your local competitors that you need to worry about. Customers are overwhelmed with options, and they want to quickly understand what makes one product or brand different than another. Knowing the right way to position yourself and your products can.