Niche ecommerce store, feedback please?? : ecommerce

Hellloo! I just started an online store selling womens pajamas. Ive been doing everything by myself and am pretty new to this, and would love to get some feedback on the website! I am also doing things on a tight budget so cant really spend a lot on marketing…. What are some ways to increase.


Looking For Feedback On My Brand New Shopify Store! And, a Few Questions.. : ecommerce

Hi, I quietly turned my store online a few days ago and I’m looking for feedback: I have yet to do advertising or marketing of any kind so traffic has been none existent. Planning to jump on it very soon and I’m seeking advice/direction in that regard as well. I have some ideas but.

Feedback needed – Grow email list with conversational popups! : ecommerce

Watch the video demo: Most shops are using the same, plain, boring pop-ups. We are now trying this approach internally. In the video shown above, we are using a pop up that ASKS the customer instead of telling them. It’s used as an email magnet to collect customer emails in return for a discount..

My wife and I just launched an online childrens boutique and need your feedback on the website : ecommerce

My wife and I launched . We will offer mid to high end baby and toddler clothing with a focus on organic and soft-touch materials like pima cotton. I created the website using bigcommerce and have added a few items of inventory as they have arrived. We have shared the page to our Facebook.

Just launched my new craft hot sauce brand website and would appreciate any feedback!

Hey there r/ecommerce! As the title states, I just launched the ecommerce site for a craft hot sauce line that my wife and I started producing earlier this year. I'd love to hear any feedback / critique / things I missed / etc. The site is Thanks! submitted by /u/Merlaak [comments].

Feedback on store : ecommerce

Hello all, I have been working on my store for some time now and I am glad to say I have over 50 products now! Woohoo. A little bit of context, I am creating a store that will appeal to be in the athletic leisure space in the future.  Right now, I wanted to.