20 Free Web Design Tools from Spring 2019

Add value to your website by utilizing free resources from the design community. Here is a list of new web tools and design elements from spring 2019. There are designer and developer apps, coding resources, color tools, fonts, and more. All of these are free. Free Design Tools Developer Survey Results 2019 is a comprehensive.


The 21 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs (2019)

Well-produced product videos are a more engaging form of content marketing than photographs alone and can reduce a customer’s hesitation in making a purchase. In fact, according to online publication Small Business Trends, ecommerce product videos can increase conversion rates by 144%. Good video editing software can help you showcase your products from every angle,.

18 Free Themes for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free, open-source ecommerce plugin to turn a WordPress website into a complete online store. There are many free, customizable themes to help. Here is a list of themes for WooCommerce. There are multipurpose themes and themes for niche businesses. All of these themes are free, though several offer premium features as well..

Hey guys, I’m giving out free SEO advice! Post your website and i’ll give you feedback in terms of SEO! : ecommerce

Hey, I started a SEO agency back in December and happened to take on some ecommerce clients. I found great success with them and have decided to focus solely on ecommerce SEO. No strings attached. I am not here to sell you a course or anything. Simply post your website and i’ll throw some pointers.

SHIPPING WARS: Walmart blows Amazon out of the water with its own free, next-day delivery

Full article: ​ Walmart is launching free, next-day shipping on orders costing at least $35, the company said Tuesday. Walmart's announcement comes less than three weeks afterAmazon said it would cut its Prime program's default shipping speed to one day. Walmart ecommerce CEO Marc Lore said the timing of the companies' announcements was mere.

13 Free Learning Resources for Designers, Developers

Designers and developers can learn new skills and find a community of peers through free online resources. There are plenty of self-guided tutorials and educational resources for beginners and advanced learners to find professional training at no cost. Here is a list of free online learning resources for designers and developers. There are tutorial sites,.

A Beginner’s Guide (Free Template)

Social media marketing can help you build engaged audiences where they already spend their time, create multiple sources of traffic that continually bring in customers, and grow your business through the power of online networks. Or, it can be a time-consuming obligation that spreads you thin, resulting in a presence your target customers don’t know.