Hey guys, New store and struggling to make first sales, open for 1 month, honest brutal opinion please! Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/CheDredTalvez [comments] Source link Advertisements


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Hey, I started a SEO agency back in December and happened to take on some ecommerce clients. I found great success with them and have decided to focus solely on ecommerce SEO. No strings attached. I am not here to sell you a course or anything. Simply post your website and i’ll throw some pointers.

How Smaller Fashion Merchants Can Outperform the Big Guys

Smaller fashion and lifestyle businesses typically have limited budgets for marketing, personnel, and web development. To compete against larger companies, smaller businesses must focus on a niche and then execute flawlessly. I’ve spent nearly 20 years working and consulting with fashion and lifestyle companies. Here four ways smaller online companies can thrive. 4 Ways for.