15 Top Brands on Instagram, for Inspiration

Studying prominent brands on Instagram can help merchants generate ideas for their own marketing campaigns. Here is a list of the top brands (excluding celebrities) on Instagram ranked by followers. The brands use behind-the-scenes and do-it-yourself content and inspiring images, as well as stories, contests and giveaways, shoppable images, and lots of videos. Instagram Instagram.


Can you get a decent amount of sales from Instagram influencers? : ecommerce

My site here is newly established, been in the works for about a week now, and it’s gotten roughly 800 visits, but no sales unfortunately. It’s gotten a handful of compliments which is great. Now I just need a large enough audience to see it! My question is – are Instagram influencers going to be.

17 Instagram Accounts for Design, Color, Illustration, More

I recently assembled a list of Instagram feeds for user-experience web design. As a follow-up, here is a list of Instagram feeds to follow for all aspects of web design, including color, illustration, animation, photography, typography, and storytelling. The accounts are from independent designers and artists, design studios, and creative ad agencies. Design Milk — @designmilk.

Instagram diseña un test para ocultar el número de “Likes”

Marketing & Social Jane Manchun, colaboradora del portal TechCrunch, ha descubierto una función que está probando Instagram que oculta el contador de “likes” del contenido donde solo el creador del post podría visualizarlos. Según indica el portal,  solo la persona que comparte una publicación verá la cantidad total de “me gusta” que recibe”. Así es.

Using Instagram Stories to Boost Your Brand

If you’ve used Instagram at all lately, you’ve probably seen the multi-colored circles around profile pictures that indicate an Instagram Story. These Instagram Stories are text, photos or 15-second short videos, and they’re available to users and brands alike, all with a 24-hour expiration date. If you haven’t heard of Instagram Stories yet, check out.

How to Sell More With Shopping on Instagram (With Examples)

With Instagram surpassing 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, and over 400 million people using Instagram Stories on a daily basis, Instagram offers ample marketing opportunities for ecommerce brands, retail shops, and small businesses to reach their customers. Now with Shopping on Instagram, connecting your online store to your Instagram account, the social media site.