5 Ways to Make a Better “About Us” Page

Your company “About Us” page matters more than you might think. Studies show that a whopping 52 percent of users generally want to see an “About Us” page on a company website. In fact, it’s often the first page users see when they land on your store. Of course, all pages on a website matter,.


Call-to-action buttons on landing page and sharing direct links : ecommerce

Hi everyone, We’re a small group based in Toronto, Canada (go Raptors!), and we’ve recently launched our website taking pre-orders and are still learning the basics of web design for marketing purposes. We have few CTAs for pre-order throughout the landing page but was wonder if it’s enough to grab the attention of the audience..

Landing page : ecommerce

Since mailchimp has just changed the pricing structure, are they still the best to set up a landing page just as a placeholder until the main site is up or is there other services. I’ve seen a lot of criticism of mailchimp since the recent changes. I just wanted to check if there’s anything better.

3 Landing Page Design Ideas for More Conversions in 2019

The latest design trends don’t always influences landing page conversions. Trying to trick customers with some clever pop-up or exit intent doesn’t, either. The best way to increase conversions over the long haul is to rely on principles that have worked for the last few years and will continue to work — no matter what.

Shopify how to remove price from collection page and featured section homepage on brooklyn theme

* Shopify app: Rectify – Edit products in cart | Only 50$ ( one time fee no monthly charge!) * === === Question: Need to remove prices on Collections, Featured, etc. with Brooklyn theme From Nick on Shopify Forums In this video, I will show you how you can remove or not show your.

Parallax 1.0 Shopify Theme – Collection Page

Learn how to setup the collection page of the Parallax Shopify theme using various different layout options – source

How to create two columns of text on a page in Shopify

This is a video tutorial showing how to show two columns of text on a page in a Shopify store. To access the CSS and HTML referenced in this tutorial, view the tutorial on here: For more ecommerce news, tips, and tutorials, go to source

Build Shopify landing page with PageFly app 10+ minutes tutorial

In this video tutorial, you’ll watch the process of building the Shopify landing page with the PageFly app. We’re going to make the landing page similar to Shopify free trial page. Step by step you’ll see the process of building each section of the landing page. 👇 Click “SHOW MORE” to read the outlines. 👇.