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I’m retailing activated charcoal filter tips. They are to be used in the rolling of cannabis or tobacco cigarettes. Although the vast majority will be using it for cannabis, as this is who I’m marketing towards on my Instagram. I launched the product a few days ago and got 1 sale so far. But.


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I didn't want to do this but I feel like as a first time eCommerce guy it's necessary. I come from the construction industry and am using a BigCommerce free theme. I am running one FB ad and one Google ad. My CPC on my ads are about $.16 per click which I think is.

I wish a Review of my online store and critics, i want learn and work on my store for her best

I have now exact 2 years with this online project and i want make it a true good ecommerce business. I wish know your opinions and specially critics. I will use your critics for making better the store (will do my very best). My store is this: Thanks to all of you. submitted.

Review my shopify store? : ecommerce

Hello, new to ecommerce. TL;DR: my store is, haven’t gotten sales yet, unsure if it’s because of the store or marketing. Any suggestions? Background: so I have some sort of health issues that make it really hard to have an “actual job”, been trying to bud my body breaks down lol. Figured ecommerce could.