11 Steps to On-site Video SEO

Once you decide to invest in video, you still need to figure out how to get people to view and interact with it. That’s where search engine optimization comes into play. Follow these 11 steps to optimize your videos for organic search, to improve their ability to rank and drive views. 11 Steps to On-site.


SEO: Optimizing Crawl Budget for Ecommerce Sites

Optimizing an ecommerce site for crawl budget may impact how often Google’s web crawler visits a given page, and, therefore, may mean that new or updated content will appear more quickly in Google search results. For Google, crawl budget describes the number of pages on a particular site that the company’s search spider, Googlebot, can.

Negative SEO Is Not Your Problem

Negative SEO is the practice of intentionally harming another site through shady and dishonest practices, such as linking from spammy sources. Negative search engine optimization is the practice of intentionally harming the organic search traffic of a third-party site. The process usually involves linking from a spammy site — scraper sites, porn, malware-infected — to.

The High Cost of Ignoring SEO

Ignoring organic search traffic can be costly. I addressed the topic last year at Edgenet Academy (now Syndigo), which helps manufacturers and retailers manage product content. I shared the story of two competitors that sell equipment for printed products. Spiral is an industry leader. It was founded in 1932. It has more employees, more customers,.

SEO Checklist for Website Redesigns and Replatforms

Major website redesigns and replatforms can kill organic search traffic. Use this checklist to minimize the impact. Strategy, Development Involve SEO staff from the beginning to ensure that the strategy does not hurt overall rankings. For example, an approach that focuses only on content that converts immediately (product page descriptions) and removes higher-funnel article content.

The 4 SEO Priorities for Ecommerce Sites

Google rarely discloses algorithm details. That lack of transparency forces search engine optimizers to work in the dark. I equate it to the medical profession, where doctors are fighting an unknown illness. Ask 10 doctors why your head hurts, and you could get 10 different answers. To be sure, searches on Google sometimes directly lead.

15 SEO Plugins for WordPress

Websites on the WordPress platform can improve their search engine rankings by accessing a variety of free plugins. Here is a list of search-engine-optimization plugins for WordPress. There are all-in-one plugins that provide a variety of tools and, also, plugins to improve specific search-related areas, such as site speed, tags, and image optimization. All of.

What’s the Value of SEO?

Here’s a look at the cost of optimizing a site for search engines, the value it drives, and the impact of not doing it. The average salary for a search-engine-optimization specialist is $65,000, according to Glassdoor. That’s before benefits and other internal costs. The SEO industry does not have standardized job titles, so “specialist” can.