Feel a little lost on what to do next? Private label Shopify

I've launched my site, I've gotten a single sale. It's been about a week since. I've contacted a list of micro-influencers and sent them my product. Hasn't really payed off yet, but the majority still haven't made content surrounding my product/or received it, so the positives are yet to be determined. I can't do.


Looking For Feedback On My Brand New Shopify Store! And, a Few Questions.. : ecommerce

Hi, I quietly turned my store online a few days ago and I’m looking for feedback: I have yet to do advertising or marketing of any kind so traffic has been none existent. Planning to jump on it very soon and I’m seeking advice/direction in that regard as well. I have some ideas but.

12 Things to Sell on Shopify (Other than Physical Products) — Business Ideas

When you think of Shopify, what initially comes to mind? Whether it’s t-shirt businesses or maker shops, you’re likely thinking about physical products—small businesses creating and curating goods to sell in-store or ship around the world. But when we say “product,” we’re talking about more than just tangible things. Many merchants are using Shopify in.

So I just created my online store on Shopify and successfully integrated bitcoin as a payment! Feedback is appreciated! : ecommerce

Hey guys, I’m new to the whole e-commerce thing and finally took the leap! I’ve started with selling phones, phone parts, accessories and gadget and am constantly adding products. (Posted 180+ products with ~1600 more to go) I only ship to North America at the moment and am excited to see how it goes in.

Where to Buy & Customize Shopify Themes

The statistics speak for themselves: You have as little as 50 milliseconds to capture your visitor’s attention when they land on your website, otherwise, they’re likely to click off and head to one of your competitor’s sites. Not cool. The aesthetics of your store heavily influence online shoppers so your site needs to exude attractiveness.

Top 12 Product Sourcing & Dropshipping Apps for Shopify

It’s hard to start a business without any products to sell—in fact, sourcing a supplier is one of the first steps. But if you’re starting a store on Shopify, there are dozens of product sourcing apps to help you populate your store with in-demand items, partner with suppliers who specialize in certain goods, or even add your own creative.

Building an E-commerce Dashboard for Shopify Using Data Warehouse : ecommerce

The following tutorial shows how to consolidate all of your e-commerce data from any number of sources into a data warehouse and display critical business KPI’s on a dashboard to provide visibility into every aspect of ecommerce operations: How To Build An Ecommerce Dashboard For Shopify The tutorial walk you through the process for an.