Why Your Mobile Shoppers Aren’t Shopping

Improving mobile performance is a priority for most ecommerce executives, who often obsess over conversion metrics that are typically lower than desktop. But the comparison is not entirely valid. Mobile visitors have different goals. Instead of comparing to desktop activity, merchants should optimize for what mobile visitors are trying to achieve. In this post, I’ll.


6 Google Shopping Merchant Center Programs and How to Set Them Up

In its 2018 Economic Impact Report, Google shared its conservative estimate that “for every $1 spent on Google Ads, a business makes $8 in profit from Google Ads and Search.” In particular, retailers are jumping on Google Shopping—a feature of Google Ads made especially for selling physical products. Google Shopping continues to represent a growth.

Common B2B Mistakes, Part 3: Shopping Carts, Order Management

B2B ecommerce merchants can sometimes make the shopping cart process difficult for their customers. Examples include not allowing saved carts, single-product punch back, and limited payment methods. This post is the third in a series in which I address common mistakes of B2B ecommerce merchants. It follows from my 10 years of consulting with B2B.

Online Shopping Gets Real: The Rise of Interactive Product Visualization | E-Commerce

People like to try things out before they buy them, and that desire to touch, feel, see and hear is what interactive product visualization is all about. In a world dominated by digital interfaces, interactive product visualization gives consumers the opportunity to experience, see, and understand products before buying them. “Interactive 3D product experiences provide.

New Apriva Partnerships Promise Mobile Shopping Innovations | Mobile CRM

Apriva this week announced partnerships with AveriGo and Vagabond to offer innovative mobile shopping and payment solutions. Apriva offers an adaptive platform for secure mobile communications and omnichannel payments. Both its new partners are in the vending and F&B service industries. AveriGo offers the Averiware business platform — a cloud-based suite of software solutions ranging.