E-Commerce Startup Bolt Snags $68M to Grow Checkout Biz | E-Commerce

E-commerce checkout platform vendor Bolt has raised US$68 million in a Series B funding round co-led by Activant Capital and Tribe Capital, bringing the total amount raised so far to $90M. Individuals in the retail field also kicked in money. They include Benny Joseph, head of engineering at environmentally friendly footwear manufacturer Allbirds; Jonathan Tam,.


Moving data from RJmetrics to Looker for a photography ecommerce startup

The following interview with Moment team which had been using RJMetrics but was starting to feel constrained and frustrated with the flexibility of the tool because of collecting more data and had more product offerings. They needed to restrategize their data program to include a more effective and accommodating business intelligence tool, find a new.

This Dessert Founder Doesn’t Sugar-Coat Her Start-up Story — Inspiration

In this series, I speak with people who know what desperate feels like. While now blooming into success, these founders share with me their deeply personal financial struggles and lessons learned on their way back to black. When Ramya Ragupathi embarked on a mission to cure her sinus issues through a wellness lifestyle, she had no idea.

Overdraft: How One Founder Is Changing Lives—Including Her Own—Through a $500 Start-up

For years, Jenn Harper battled addiction and was once on the brink of losing everything. Then, she rebuilt her life, focusing her energy on creating Cheekbone Beauty—a sustainable brand that gives back to her Indigenous community. Here, Jenn explains how she overcame alcoholism, generational trauma, and the challenges of starting her business with just $500..

La startup española Wildbytes crea una app de realidad aumentada para grandes eventos

Actualidad Cada vez son más compañías las que apuestan por la realidad aumentada para mejorar la experiencia de cliente y la interacción con los consumidores. De acuerdo con IDC Research España, el 50% de las grandes empresas europeas habrán puesto en marcha una estrategia de realidad aumentada y/o realidad virtual en 2020. Así, la inversión mundial.