China-US Trade Tension Is Causing Irreparable Damage to High-Tech | Government

While trade disputes between countries are nothing new and seldom are remembered, the ongoing one between China and the United States may change the course of the electronics industry going forward. In the beginning of the dispute proposed tariffs excluded electronics for the most part. The U.S. even modified some initial proposals to avoid impacting.


My plan for surviving a trade war

For most businesses, daily operations do not change based on who is in political power. Companies are primarily affected by their own decisions, not by the government. However, occasionally there are exceptions. Here in the U.K., it is Brexit. In the U.S., it is the trade tariffs and the threat of the President to close.

How SMBs Can Trade Stressful One-by-One Shipping for Streamlined Operations | E-Commerce

E-commerce continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. Total retail sales, excluding the sale of items not normally bought online — like fuel, automobiles, and food at restaurants — hit US$3.628 trillion last year, up 3.9 percent year over year from $3.490 trillion, according to Internet Retailer data. E-commerce accounted for a 14.3 percent share.

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