Build a Shopify Web App – Part 3 Verify Request

Verify the request – Don’t skip this step The first step is to verify that the request is indeed coming from Shopify. You will be able to verify this by performing HMAC signature validation. Validation method: source Advertisements


Verify Your Shopify Store with Google || Shopify Help Center 2017

Learn how to verify your Shopify store with Google. Third-party services like Pinterest, Google Webmasters, and Zoho require you to verify your domain. This makes sure that you are the correct owner of your Shopify store before they provide their services to you. Looking for more information on verifying your store? Check out this document.

How to Verify Your Domain Google G Suite

How to Verify Your Domain Google G Suite verifying your domain to use G Suite is detailed Visit the help section to learn more about verifying your domain for G Suite here: G Suite from Google Cloud is a set of intelligent apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar to connect the people.