700 visitors and no sales… : ecommerce

Hi, I’ve been doing drop shipping for a while now on multiple stores. However, I just can’t get my head around this one. I’ve been posting (strategically) my product in targeted Facebook groups and have gained over 700 visitors. I’ve got 15 ATC and 5 IC. I just can’t seem to work out why none.


Recently updated the look of my store. Today I had 700+ visitors and only 1 order. Did I mess something up? : ecommerce

I added more info to the product pages, improved photos, improved home page, about us, all the pages to help the customer… Yet I have a purchase rate of 0.14% Back when my store was basic, I had more success. Did I mess something up? Source link

The Number One Reason 99% of Your Visitors Don’t Buy from You [Fast Conversion Rate Optimization]

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15 Great Product Pages that Turn Visitors into Customers

When designing an online store, a lot of focus goes on the homepage—it’s the first thing that visitors see when they arrive. But the real goal of any ecommerce website is sales, and there’s no way you’ll achieve that without a stellar product page. Effective product pages immediately convey the value of the featured product..