5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Improves Email Marketing

A recent study concluded that online marketers viewed artificial intelligence as “the next big thing.” But AI is not new for email service providers. Email platforms have long recognized that AI can optimize opens and clicks while saving time and money. In this post, I’ll address five ways that AI can improve your email program..


12 Ways to Lower Inventory Costs

Offering pre-orders is a good way to test product demand without having to purchase the inventory. This example is from an online fashion marketplace. U.S. retailers are reportedly sitting on about $1.43 in inventory for every $1 of sales. Decreasing inventory costs should therefore be a priority for all merchants. In my experience, there are.

5 Effective Ways to Reduce E-Commerce Churn | E-Commerce

The subscription model forms the backbone of the revenue streams of many Software as a Service companies. In fact, more than 90 percent of software providers expected to migrate to a subscription-based business model by 2022, according a Gartner report published last year. Despite the higher rates of adoption, companies often struggle with keeping subscription.

9 Ways UX Improves Rankings and Revenue

User experience impacts organic search performance. A positive UX reduces bounces and encourages visitors to browse and purchase. It drives ratings, referrals, and inbound links. Moreover, optimizing a site for organic search when its UX is poor is like pouring shoppers into a sieve. You can keep filling the funnel, but the traffic will not.

5 Ways to Make a Better “About Us” Page

Your company “About Us” page matters more than you might think. Studies show that a whopping 52 percent of users generally want to see an “About Us” page on a company website. In fact, it’s often the first page users see when they land on your store. Of course, all pages on a website matter,.

12 Ways to Attract Instagram Followers and Drive Engagement

Instagram can generate traffic and sales to an ecommerce site.  But it takes work and persistence. Tracking engagement, such as from these posts, is critical for tweaking and improving. Instagram plays an enormous role in social media marketing and advertising. Thirty-five percent of online adults are Instagram users, according to Hootsuite. Optimizing Instagram performance should.

9 Timeless Ways to Increase Conversions — How to Sell Online

Your product page is where the majority of your customers finally make the decision to either buy your product or leave your store. Unfortunately, it’s an often-neglected part of the sales funnel. While most store owners tend to focus on improving their checkout page or tweaking what happens after a visitor adds a product to.

6 Creative Ways to Thank Customers for Their Purchase

Showing sincere appreciation is one of the easiest ways to build a closer relationship with your customers. It’s simple, but remarkably few companies ever take the time to genuinely thank customers for their business. When it comes to standing out against entrenched competitors, it’s critical for ecommerce businesses to find their moments of opportunity. It’s rarely practical.