Cómo aumentar la velocidad y reducir el tamaño de tu sitio web móvil

El año pasado, el equipo de Google evaluó 100 de los sitios web móviles más visitados de Canadá y examinó cómo se repetían los mismos problemas una y otra vez. Estas son las cinco medidas que puedes tomar para optimizar el rendimiento: Evalúa la velocidad de tu sitio web móvil. Usa la herramienta gratuita Test My Site para.


Shopify Homepage Banner Design Widget App by Fat Buddha Web Design

Check out our new FREE Shopify App which lets you easily create interactive and fully responsive banner widgets. Place them on your homepage or anywhere else on your store easily by copying and pasting the install code. Install the app for free at source

Build a Shopify Web App – Part 5 Create Web hook

This video shows how to create a shopify web hook. This type of web hook allows you the developer to know when customer delete/uninstall you web app. This allows you to take action on your side. Like blocking access to your app or other rules you set. source code: source

Build a Shopify Web App – Part 3 Verify Request

Verify the request – Don’t skip this step The first step is to verify that the request is indeed coming from Shopify. You will be able to verify this by performing HMAC signature validation. Validation method: source

Become a Shopify Expert – This changed everything in my Web Design Career

Learn how to become a Shopify Expert 💰 Start a Shopify store today: Free account for 14 days 👌🏻 How to become a Shopify Expert is a question I get a lot. In this video, which was the winning video at Shopify for a Shopify Partner contest, I’m sharing how and why I work.