21 Free Tools to Test Your Website

Here is a list of free tools to test your website. There are tools to measure download speed, test accessibility, locate broken links, evaluate search engine and browser compatibility, and check mobile-friendliness. Free Tests for Your Site W3C Markup Validation Service. From World Wide Web Consortium, this validator checks the markup of web documents in.


Critique my Website ​ I'm selling activated charcoal filter tips. Used for cigarettes, but more implicitly, cannabis cigarettes. I started officially selling about 2 weeks ago. Get about 10 views a day, up to 80. Instagram is charcoalitfilters I'm working on building more traffic. submitted by /u/Creamybonbites [comments] Source link

Learning about sales funnels, where is the best to create sales funnel website?

Hi! ​ I am studying on my own from google and youtube about sales funnels. ​ I came across with an article that explains 22 types of sales funnels. ​ I am just wondering which platform/template/website should I use to create sales funnels? ​ Is it some landing page? Or company such as clickfunnel that.

How to Design a Beautiful Ecommerce Website That Converts

In 2019, consumers assume that just about every business trying to sell to them has a website, but that website is more important for some businesses than others. It’s likely no surprise to you that ecommerce websites are among the most impactful—after all, that’s where you sell. When we talk about impactful ecommerce websites, they.

SEO Checklist for Website Redesigns and Replatforms

Major website redesigns and replatforms can kill organic search traffic. Use this checklist to minimize the impact. Strategy, Development Involve SEO staff from the beginning to ensure that the strategy does not hurt overall rankings. For example, an approach that focuses only on content that converts immediately (product page descriptions) and removes higher-funnel article content.

My wife and I just launched an online childrens boutique and need your feedback on the website : ecommerce

My wife and I launched . We will offer mid to high end baby and toddler clothing with a focus on organic and soft-touch materials like pima cotton. I created the website using bigcommerce and have added a few items of inventory as they have arrived. We have shared the page to our Facebook.