Increasing engagement for perfume website.

Hi! I've got an open question to anyone in the online beauty industry or cosmetics industry. Some context: i run an e commerce site for a family run traditional perfume company that make their own products and content, ive been optimsing SEO for the past month and seen some consoderable improvements in acquiring the right.


Hey guys, I’m giving out free SEO advice! Post your website and i’ll give you feedback in terms of SEO! : ecommerce

Hey, I started a SEO agency back in December and happened to take on some ecommerce clients. I found great success with them and have decided to focus solely on ecommerce SEO. No strings attached. I am not here to sell you a course or anything. Simply post your website and i’ll throw some pointers.

Review My Website : ecommerce

I’ve noticed quite a few people asking for people to review their website so I thought I would through one of mine out there. There are a couple things I’m planning on adding/updating Adding picture reviews under the products and then including video reviews of the products either on the product page or somewhere else..

Is my website worth a damn? ​ It's not dropshipping, I carry inventory and ship every item myself. ​ Mostly made the site myself… had to get some help getting items on google marketplace. ​ So far, I've done a few ads on google, maybe a few hundred visits, but no buyers, and I'm wondering if my site just sucks.

Created a Chrome Extension that automatically shows you what Facebook ads a website is currently running. What do you think? : ecommerce

Created a chrome extension called eBoost Ad Spy. It automatically opens another tab in your bowsers showing you what ads that specific website is running on Facebook. The goal was to make it quicker and easier than the traditional way of having to search for a website’s Facebook page, then looking for the info/ads section..

Shopify for Beginners Tutorial – Create Online Website Store with Shopify

This is complete tutorial of Shopify Website for Beginners. At the end of the video, you will be able to create a Shopify website by your own. Grab your Free 14 Days Shopify Trial : For best results, watch full video multiple times. Pause the video where you need to stop and replicate the.